Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hello to you, Goodbye to 2011

No excuses, no long story......I have been MIA for too, too long and I apologise to all ........... especially to all those brothers and sisters who dropped by or sent me an email to effectively say:
 'NA WA FOR YOU OH !!!' ...........LOL

Some even dropped by to check the blog and then 'je-je-lly' (quietly) move on with a loud 'MSCHEWWWW...........YEYE WOMAN !' LOL

My self-imposed absence is over and after a lot of thought, I have come to a compromise - that will allow me manage my blog effectively.....alongside my numerous other commitments:
I have decided to blog once a month for now - as I really don't want to lose touch with you all. Thus, I will blog on the first Saturday of every month. (However, my first post for 2012 will be tomorrow)

As we leave 2011 and enter 2012:
I pray the new year will bring you all peace and happiness.
All your dreams will come true.........tenfold.
For those of us who wept in 2011......2012 will be full of laughter and happiness;
For those who buried loved ones in 2011, next year will see our loss healed by endless blessings;
For those who suffered financial distress in 2011, next year will see abundance all around;
For those who sought love without success in 2011, next year will come with the love that is right for you;
For those who lost themselves in 2011.....I pray 2012 will be your year of Empowerment, Self-Realisation and Self-fulfillment.
Amen and Amen

My people say 'Shine your Eye no be Curse' (Advising someone to 'Beware' is not an insult) I pray 2012 is the year we are not only aware of potential hazards to our progress /welfare........but it is also the year we are empowered to overcome/ challenge those hazards. AMEN 

Happy New Year......

Please enjoy this video of an artiste I just discovered - Michael Kiwanuka - I believe he is going to be big in 2012:

See you next year....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx