Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Mess All Round

I am always humbled when I meet people who make a difference to other people's lives.

Similarly, I am always given a jolt when I read/ hear something that shows how much this world is messed up.

I don't know how many of you have heard of Dr Kermit Gosnell - the Philadelphia based doctor who aborted/ murdered foetuses over 32 weeks old and caused the death of at least one woman.

I read the Grand Jury Report on this case here with a mixture of nausea and dismay. If you can, please read up what this man is accused of. It makes for gruesome reading

Questions are now being asked about why he got away with it for so long ..........?

While I cannot generalise, I can suggest that perhaps he got away with it for so long, for the same reasons why.........
- Spousal Abuse is ignored until it turns to Mariticide/ Uxoricide
- Racism/ Tribalism is ignored until it turns to Genocide
- Post Natal Depression is ignored until it turns into Filicide
- Sibling Rivalry is ignored until it becomes Fratricide/ Sororicide................

Because we (as a society) are too busy worrying/ arguing about...
- Who is the slimmest
- Who is the richest
- Who has the most 'authentic' hair/ skin
- Who is 'doing well' and who is 'not doing well'
- Who has/ hasn't got married/ had children/ got a job/ graduated etc etc
- Who is the smartest etc etc

This world is messed up enough, please don't contribute to making it worse.....

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Book Reviews

I have been fortunate to read two books by two bloggers recently and here are my reviews (I dont like it when book/ film reviewers give the whole plot away so I will keep my reviews as 'cryptic' as possible):

1. The Officer's Bride by Lara Daniels

This is a romantic tale set in Northern Nigeria and the backdrop is the twilight days of Nigeria's General Sanni Abacha's military rule. The two main characters are Colonel Edward (Eddy) and Nafisah. 

I liked Lara's ability to weave Nigerian history into a romantic story. While the story is all about the romance between two people, one can learn something about a time in Nigeria's history that held so many secrets.
Again, when Lara writes about her characters making love, she displays maturity that keeps the 'love making' within the confines of 'romance' and well away from the 'soft porn' boundaries.

However, I felt that some of the conversations in English were a bit 'stilted' and did not sound like how Nigerians would naturally converse with each other. 

I do accept that translating colloquial  language into print can be difficult but whenever I read a story with a 'cultural setting'; one of the things that makes the 'cultural angle' authentic to me is the use of realistic language / conversations. That is why I loved the touches of Hausa Lara throws in here and there. Beautiful....

Overall, I really enjoyed this novella and I couldnt wait to find out how it would end. I am now eagerly waiting a longer story from this author. Great job!

2. Antonyms of a Mirage by Atilola Moronfolu

This book consists of  prose, drama and poetry - with different personalities commenting on societal issues. 
 I liked Atilola's use of different personalities as I feel most people have different personalities and view-points.This use of different personalities was very creative and allows Atilola examine Nigeria's unique challenges through the eyes of different people. Her ability to use this writing form displays great maturity and insight. 
My favourite piece has to be 'Prayers of Mediocrity' because it exposes the hypocrisy that lies beneath the burgeoning religious hysteria that grips our beloved Nigeria.
However, I felt the mixture of  prose, drama and poetry was distracting to me. I am an especially impatient reader and I prefer to read poetry seperately from prose....Poetry requires a different mindset for me. 
Overall, I enjoyed Atilola's take on societal ills and I do believe she will make a great playwright. I am looking forward to going to the theatre to watch a play written by Atilola one day. For me, that is a natural progression for her.  In the meantime, Great Job Atilola...I now await my complementary tickets!!