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October 2012 - Labrinth
My son introduced me to him and this song with Emeli Sande kills me everytime.......:

May 2011 - My Fave Drink this Spring/ Summer
........................Has to be a White Wine Spritzer:

- Any White Wine (I prefer Pinot Grogio or Sauvignon Blanc)
- Fizzy Lemonade (I prefer Schweppes')
- Lemons
- Green Apples (optional)

How to Make it: 
- Mix equal parts of wine and Lemonade (i.e. half a glass of wine and half a glass of Lemonade)
- Add some freshly squeezed Lemon juice (for a glass full, I use a teaspoon of Lemon juice)
- Garnish with some slices of Lemon and Green Apples

(for a glass full, I add one Lemon slice and two thin slices of Green Apples)
- Add Ice
.............Enjoy !!!!!!

MARCH 2011 - Books I'm into right now.................

OCTOBER 2010 - Tinie Tempah
Tinie Tempah is a British born Nigerian rapper. I have been loving his beats for quite a while now because they are witty and so full of energy. His 'Pass Out' tune always gets my house jumping! My boys even stop mid fight to dance............ ENJOY:


  1. Glad you love him Ope...shows you have good taste :)))
    Thanks for dropping by

  2. i watched the Freakomonics movie....i expected more is what i have to say.

    "The help" movie is suppose to be coming out soon, if it has not come out yet.

  3. I like Tinie Tempah and attened BEP festival where he performed hell of an entertainer :D

  4. @Chintan
    You saw Tinie?? I'm really jealous *sigh*

  5. Hello NIL,I was really bored this night and then remembered your blog. I have spent the past 4hrs on so many interesting reads! Keep up the good work like I said before.

    Remain Blessed!


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