Sunday, 16 October 2011

Awards and Questions

As I thought of the best way to resume blogging, I started thinking about what would be the best post to publish first.
I then decided it would be best to respond to the Versatile Blogger award that I have been awarded by Luciano and  Nightingale

Many thanks to both of you and my apologies for the delayed response.

Fortunately/ unfortunately, I did something similar to this here: 
However, in the spirit of sharing, I will share 7 things that worry me about today's Nigerian society (including Nigerians living abroad) :

1. Being famous is now a goal? 
If you ask some kids what they want to be in future, they will answer....'I want to be famous'. More often than not, if you then ask them 'Famous for what?'; they are likely to say 'I dont know' or 'I just want to be a celebrity'. I beg to ask what we are doing wrong as parents and role models when kids today don't even talk about aspiring to be inventors, scientists, writers or artists.............

2. Knowledge is so underrated !
When I was younger, I grew up around a university campus.  While I knew that academics were more often than not poorer than most businessmen; I admired the knowledge they had. However, I do feel that our Nigerian society totally disrespects the real academics/ knowledge seekers amongst us. A society that does not reward intelligent and inquisitive minds is not ready to grow.

3. Academic qualifications can be overrated !
I cannot tell you how many times I have come across Nigerians who have a string of degrees and academic qualifications ........without any work experience. This may be acceptable in some fields - i.e. research. However, as someone who works in Education/ Training, I have to say that most employers prefer experience and great personality instead of a suitcase of redundant degrees

4. Priorities are skewed for most young ladies............
Who is the slimmest? Who has the richest boyfriend? Who has the richest dad? Who has the most friends on facebook? Who has the latest designer bag? Who was invited to the wedding-of-the year? Whose skin is lightest? Whose hair is 'on point'? Who has only sons? Who has had only daughters? 
Sometimes, when I listen to young ladies talk, I almost feel like we have taken a step back in time - to a time when women were expected to be ornaments and appendages. Dont get me wrong, I love fashion and looking good but even my late grand-mother sounded more empowered than most of our young ladies today. If this is the way forward......I shudder. *sigh* All I can say to such ladies is 'Get smart the saying goes - 'Beauty fades but dumb is forever' 

5. Priorities are skewed for most young men..........
Who has the 'baddest' car? Who has 'hit it big time'? Who has married a rich man's daughter? Who wears designer items? Who buys the most champagne in the club? Who has built the biggest house?
Again, dont get me wrong, I love a good ride and a man who knows how to enjoy life...However, when a man knows how to SPEND money and not how to MAKE money...we have a problem.

6. The more things change, the more they remain the same !
It has been said that 'There is nothing new under the sun'. This is certainly true when one looks at societal trends:
Most of the people who criticised past Nigerian military governments are now in power? Are they any better?
The young girls who criticised their mothers for succumbing to negative cultural dictates are now wives and mothers themselves....Are they any stronger? I think not.
The young boys who criticised their fathers for disrespecting their mothers with serial adultery are now husbands themselves ...................Have they chosen a different path? In most cases...........NO

7. Will blurred identities mean blurred visions?
Blurred = Something that is hazy and indistinct to the sight or mind
Personal Identity how a persons identifies him/herself
Cultural Identity = A person's self-affiliation (or categorization by others) as a member of a cultural group
National Identity = A person's belief in membership of a nation
No man can be an island and we are all influenced - in different ways - by music, religion, television etc
As Nigerians travel more and are exposed to more influences, I do wonder what the 'Nigerian identity' will be like in future.
Who could have predicted a 'Karen Igho' ten years ago? I like 'progress' as much as the next man but as my people say ' River wey forget im source go run dry' (A river that forgets its source will surely run dry)

So, a big thank you to Luciano and  Nightingale for the award. I do appreciate it. 

Do share anything that makes you worry about today's Nigerian society................Thanks for always coming over xxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Poetic Apologies

What can I say........?

I guess this is how friendships are lost...........?.
Just one day, I said
No blogging, no blog hopping,
Focus on pressing deadlnes,
Focus on kids returning to school,
Focus on those demands and responsibilities,
That threatened to engulf me.

Thirty days later......
The deadlines have been met,
The kids are settling well in school,
The demands have been answered,
And I feel at peace.

I guess this is how friendships are reborn........?
Today, I said,
I must blog my apology,
I must re-enter the fold,
I must remember why I started blogging,
And why I love reading blogs.

What can I say? 
Apologies for my sudden absence........