Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sneaking in.......and saying thanks..

If you've ever tried sneaking in into a classroom, wedding or office late; you'll know how I feel right now.

I feel like I've been playing truant. Calling myself a blogger when I haven't even posted anything new in 24 days! Yes 24 days!!!

Oh...the shame!!!

And to make matters worse, I have been unashamedly visiting my fave blogs. Yup, if you are on my blog roll, I've been there ........reading, commenting and generally sighing at my laziness! To make myself feel better, I usually console myself by saying I have 'writer's block'! Hmph..that's a lie. I've been lazy - pure and simple *sneaky laugh*

Oh well, this is just to say: I have finally gathered enough energy to update my blog. I've even given it a facelift because spring is finally here!!!

So, my thanks to Pretty Lashes ;  Adellemaria and Omobaadeteju for giving me the ONE LOVELY BLOG award. Thanks so much. I am especially honored because these lovely ladies are definietly women with good taste.....Yup, I can tell by the way they write!

Well, the award requires me to
              -  Tell you seven facts about me you aren’t aware of
              -  Pass the award to fifteen recently discovered blogs that I “really” like
              -  Notify the lucky chums of their awards

......7 facts about me that you arent aware of:
(1) I find it hard to judge people because I have recieved unbelievable acts of kindness from people you would usually avoid. On the other hand, I have witnessed disgustingly hypocritical acts of wickedness from seemingly 'pious' people.

(2) I don't care whether any of my boys marry a non-Nigerian. I just pray that God blesses each of them with a woman whom they love (and who loves them back) - and a home that will be an oasis from the wicked world we live in.

(3)  I think religion is over-complicated by human beings. A christain who does not respect his neighbours is not superior to an atheist who is committed to helping others.

(4) If I won the lottery today, I would keep it quiet. However,  I would sponsor indigent kids through school - quietly. I am a great believer in Education - as a great tool for self-empowerment and social mobility

(5) I would rather eat cream cakes than eat brocolli or spinach. However, I eat my greens because I want to look good! *sigh*

(6) I love to sleep.....I could sleep all day if I had the chance. My husband is still amazed by this! *smile*

(7) In my head, I still think I am 17. Whenever I look in the mirror, I wonder who that 'woman' is. In fact, I cringe when people call me 'madam'!! *sigh*

Well, as its taken me so long to reply......and most bloggers have been tagged, I wont bore you all by passing on the award........

However, I would like YOU to tell me just one thing your parents /spouse/ friends dont know about you



  1. loll very nice...I love the fact that in your head you still think your 17, me too.

  2. hahahahahahaaaaa...

    first, me likey!..can smell the freshness through my screen.....lovely.

    second,..hey! 24days? problemo!...i perfectly understand....*stress*

    thirdly, it's a pleasure knowing more about you, glad we met o :) becox i agree with ALL you listed...expect eating broccoli! yuck!

    lastly, the one thing my friends don't know about me, since my parents & hubby knows me in & out is that................................. .................................................................................................................................................................................................................the same measure i like a person, so i can dislike such person if things fall i avoid making many friends.

  3. lol... @ no7,
    i love no 2 n 3, congrats by d way

  4. Welcome back.... long time. I'd been wondering abt you. I guessed you were fine, but unwilling to update your blog because I did see your comments around blogville... :-)

    I am with you on number 5. I so wish I could eat only junk food and cake and be alright... I also agree with you on number 3. I think we've complicated everything, not just religion. Can you imagine how enjoyable and wonderful life would be without all our prejudices, judgement, social constructs....

  5. Ditto number 6. I have a backlog of sleep. If you think you're a lazy blogger, then what am I? I guess I'm technically not a blogger anyway... Been thinking of doing a meme to at least fill my blog space!

  6. Love the face-lift!
    Congrats on ur award!!

  7. I am loving the new look!!1 You havent been on my blog o! For number 5, I just cook it like I would cook efo riro. That makes it edible for me. As for broccoli, even if money is tied to it, I still wont eat it.
    :d My friends dont know I use the local coconut oil as body cream.

  8. Loving the new look too. Welcome back.

    17 indeed! LOL...we wish, right? I totally agree with 2 and 3, but I love brocolli and spinach so you're OYO on that. :)

  9. lool i love your 7 random facts. they arent the usual types i see :) ..i really love number 1, 2 and 3. lool at thinking you are seventeen, i always wonder if my mentality wld change when i'm older. really dnt think so!..glad u'r still in touch with your inner youth :)

  10. i love love love the new background and the font.

  11. Nice new background you've got. My family and friends dont know I blog lol.
    I love your #7 jare.If you say you are, you are.

  12. @Tamuno:
    Yup, I like to think I'm still all that...but I know I'm not really LOL
    Hope you are well

    @ Ibhade:
    I'm glad you like the new look. I just felt like a change.
    Re: Making friend, I totally understand that you are cautious about making friends. It is often those close to us that let us down *sigh*

    @Chizy K said...
    lThanks for dropping by. Hope all is well with you and yours

    @ Prism
    Yes, I've been all over blogsvile but too lazy to write.
    I do get my moments *sigh*
    Well, I'm back.......for now *smile*
    I really admire guys like you who update regularly. No be easy thing

  13. @ OS
    LOL @'backlog of sleep' That cracks me up
    well, I'm looking out for your post soon
    Thanks for dropping by

    @ Blessing
    Hello Blessing. Hope all is well with you?
    Glad you love the facelift.

  14. @ HoneyDame
    I have run over to your blog pronto! LOL
    Re: spinach & efo riro. Good idea
    LOL @'As for broccoli, even if money is tied to it, I still wont eat it.'
    The thing is I have to get my kids to eat it so I cant say I dont like it coconut oil as body cream.....I likey

    I'm glad you like the new look
    Hope all is well
    So you like brocolli and spinach? Good girl but you're def OYO!!!

    @ kitkat
    Yes, I still think I'm 17 oh
    No your mentality wont change ...stay young in your head!!

    @ Chizzy D said...
    Glad you ;love the new background
    Hope all is well

    Your family and friends dont know I blog ...LOLLLLLL
    Well, you can say anything then


  16. You were only absent for 21 days, so don't feel bad. Early last year, I was absent for about 5 months. Since I had about 6 followers then, I am sure I was not missed.

    I missed you sha, I was wondering what happened, but I didn't wonder too far, cos I thought that married life was taking you away from us, but now that you have confessed, I am 'rolling my eyes' at you.

    'Religious' people are one of the most difficult people to work with. I choose to be a Christian, rather than being religious.

  17. @Omoba:
    thanks my dear sistah
    hope you are enjoying blogging

    5 months !!!
    RE: '6 followers''s not quantity that matters, its the quality of those followers. I'm sure you were missed.
    Totally feel you regarding 'religious' people.
    Thanks for coming over

  18. Feeling u on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. In my case it would be: 'I don't know that woman staring back at me!', lol.

    Loved your entry on my blog giveaway. People are afraid to compete o: Well done.

  19. Welcome back! We missed you! lol. Or at least I know i did. Feeling you on number 5, Im tired of myself. God help me

    BTW, I absolutely 'heart' your new look. Its spring fresh

  20. I love your blog
    and the way you write.

    No one knows i can be vulnerable sometimes, i can also be very nasty if i let myself be. (Most people imagine i am an angel, i think i am just a regular human; just uniquely me...)

  21. By the way, i liked nos. 1, 2 & 3

  22. @Naijalines:
    LOL 'I don't know that woman staring back at me!', lol'
    I'm glad you're liked my entry on your blog. It must have been the heavy dodo and stew I ate that day but I was feeling so creative. *smile*

    Re 'People are afraid to compete o:....' Please dont taunt others oh...I dont want any online hate campaign oh...LOL

    @ Mimi B:
    Thanks my lovely sistah.
    I really enjoyed the last story I read on your blog - about the late churchgoers and Mama. Really good.
    I'm waiting for the next one

    @ Tisha
    Thanks so much for your lovely words.
    It is inspirational to see a young lady like yourself with such strong faith.
    I pray that God continues to bless you in ways that excedd your expectations

  23. Hello Naijamum,

    Welcome back! Missed the regular vibes on this space. :(

    I've actually checked in several times since your 'hiatus'. On 4, I think I'd do the same. On 6, I'm amazed too! lol @7.

    What other people don't know about me, (maybe)? I love cute babies, but could be irritated by their persistent cry (when the do). I see them as a metaphor for several things that touch deep down my soul... When I see cute babies, I feel like already having mine and taking care of them... :)

    Looking forward to more regular posts from you!

    P.S: I read your Love Story on Myne's blog a few weeks ago, and was simply impressed! That was one rare plot! :)

  24. By the way, I love the new look!

  25. @Gbenga:
    thanks for checking up on me. i really appreciate it.

    Re: 'I love cute babies, but could be irritated by their persistent cry ......' I dont blame you. Even after having children, I still get irritated by babies who cry continously.

    Re: having will have all these girls visiting your blog now oh.
    Well, I pray that you find someone who will love and respect you ..and who is worthy of your love and respect also.

    PS - Glad you loved my love story! xoxoxox

  26. Purpliecious Babe (DOZ)29 March 2011 at 20:56

    i agree with number 3... I think they know most things about me(am bad at keeping things hidden, am working on it sha)....

  27. Amen to number 6. OMG... I can sleep hen. I once slept off in my brothers room....A SEARCH party had already started looking for me before i woke up. SMH... of which.... My dad said when I will about 7, I slept, feel off the bed, rolled underneath and I continued sleeping *covering my face* I will like to believe that is just an urban legend.
    God bless u on no 2 &3 , we need more pple like u in the world.

  28. Loved all your points! Especially points 3,4 and 7. We always secretly wish we could turn back the hands of time.
    Hmmm, trying to come to terms with point no 2, but I see the basic truth in it.

  29. @9ja Foodie:
    Truly, you no go kill person. Kai!
    So they launched search party for you. Abeg, I take my hat off to you...Your sleep na another level oh LOL
    I thought that was funny enough until I read further and saw the part you mentioned that you fell off the bed and carried on sleeping !
    Your case is serious oh.
    You don kill me with laughter today. ia ctually have tears in my eyes from laughing at this....
    I thought I was bad ?! OMG
    Re No. 2 and 3. Thanks for the compliment. Truth is I have been close to death too many times to not realise that we need to savour every day we see in good health. God bless you my sistah - especially for killing me with laughter today.

    Gbam re: 'We always secretly wish we could turn back the hands of time' As they say ....'Youth is wasted on the young' *smile*

    Re: point No 2 ...please accept it oh. All I can do is bring up my kids in the way of the Lord - with good morals and values and respect for others. I pray that this foundation will enable them make the right decisions i.e. choice of friends or partners...
    Na God eye I dey look *smile*
    God blessWe
    Hmmm, trying to come to terms with point no 2, but I see the basic truth in it.

  30. I'm actually going through the 'writer's block' stage now. I haven't updated my blog in a while. How are your pikins? lol.
    You know how you think you're 17, my own version of that is that I'm scared to grow older. I want to remain this age forever, (I wish that were possible) lol

  31. @Tobi:
    Re: writer's block...I totally understand. Please write about anything......That should get you going
    My pickins dey oh ! LOl
    Re: growing older - I was also scared of growing older (many years ago *smile*) - becos I felt it came with sooo much responsibility.
    However, I welcome the peace and self-confidence that comes with age. I have finally overcome my natural shyness and I dont feel the need to please everyone!


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