Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mama Peace vs Papa Peace (Part 1)


Pidgin version:
I no dey vex.....
but I don tire
and I wan rest
from your palaver.
Abeg come dey go !

Your own don too much......
you carri my own sister,
then you follow Dora from church;
and even give belle to our neighbour
Abeg come dey go !

Everyday I dey fast and pray.......
and pretend say I no see,
just make you for stay
so people no go laff me.
Abeg come dey go !

Your cup don full......
I don see say you no go change
and I don begin look like fool,
wey just dey manage.
Abeg come dey go !

E no easy to bear......
to separate no be small ting.
Five pickin and marriage of twenty year
na real big ting.
But, abeg come dey go !

But, come make I tell you one ting
before you go.
Out of all our five pickin
Na only Peace be your own.
NOW, come dey go !

English version:
I really am not vexed....
but I am fed up
and I want a rest
from all your trouble.
Please go !

You behaviour is a bit much...
You slept with my sister,
ravaged Dora from church
and then, impregnated our neighbour.
Please go !

Everyday I fast and pray....
and pretend that I am blind
to your sneaky ways
so I can save this sham marriage.
But, please go !

Your cup is truly full....
because I now see you are no gent
and I have begun to look like a fool
who accepts a man who will never repent.
Please go !

This is hard for me, yes ....
separation is not an easy decision.
Five children and twenty years
makes this moment grief-laden.
However, please go !

But, I must tell you one thing....
before you disappear into the blue.
Amongst our five offspring
Only Peace is really for you
Now, just go !

*Inspired by dysfunctional relationships*


  1. LOL...
    This is really funny.
    I prefer the Pidgin version though
    Welcome back.

  2. That was definitely an "oh snap" ending. I too like the pidgin version better- and i don't even really speak pidgin too much

  3. d pidgin version is fa "Abeg come dey go" lol...

  4. Hmmm... Your poem is wonderful. I'm sure so many people can relate. I think it can even apply to any issue one is fed up with.

    One more thing, you really tried for naijalines giveaway. It's hard to imagine someone else beating you.

  5. I love the pidgin version because I speak pidgin a just makes the conversation flow and sometimes it drives home the point compared to the Eng lang

  6. Ahhhhh....i gbadun this pidgin version oh jare! Make he come dey go

  7. Looolllll. plus the woman plus the man, dem be the same

  8. Ha! Trouble jam trouble o!

  9. haha i love how the pidgin version rhymes :)

  10. I am all for the pidgin version!! sick

  11. @Anonymous:
    Thanks so much for the welcome
    Glad you liked the pidgin version

    LOL @"oh snap"
    Thanks for the feedback.
    I also prefer the pidgin version but I stretched myself to come up with an English one 'cos I dont want to alienate non-Pidgin speakers :)
    Thanks again

    @Chizy K
    Re "Abeg come dey go"...........
    I wish I had a penny foe everytime I thought that about some annoying person LOL

  12. @Prism
    Totally agree re: I think it can even apply to any issue one is fed up with.....
    I should write one and send it to the worst manager I ever had LOL
    Thanks Prism re: Naijalines post. I'm off to check out what's being happening right now !

    My sistah 'I speak pidgin a lot'
    Nothing like pidgin to nak gist, abuse yeye person or tell people wetin dey your mind. I gree well well
    Thank you for your feedback
    do my sistah

    @Sisi Yemmie:
    Abi oh.... Make he come dey go ohhhhhhhh...
    If it was real life, I can only imagine the fight that will follow the revelation LOL
    Thanks my sistah

  13. @Ginger
    Re: 'Nice ending' Tit for tat I guess...LOL
    Relationships can be messy at times
    Thanks for stopping by
    Hope all is well with you

    Re: 'plus the woman plus the man, dem be the same'
    Truth is, I've come acrioss some couples that really suit each other - because they are as bad as each other *smile*
    Thanks for stopping by

    @ kitkat
    So you love the pidgin version? I have to be honest and say that I'm surprised because I thought you were realllll ajebutter who wouldnt ! *smile*
    Hope you are enjotying your internship
    Stay blessed.

    @ 9jaFOODie
    LOL @'sick flows' Thanks for that
    My son says sick all the time and I find it so cute. Thanks gfor dropping by. Cant wait to see what dish you'll be posting next.

  14. Na wah for the two of them. Iru kan, obe kaun. Nice one.

  15. I found this really hilarious..
    This is nice..
    I don't know which is better,
    I suppose I like both..
    Thanks for your comments..
    Stay blessed.

  16. The Pidgin version any time.
    really hilarious and the last verse, a killer.
    Love this.

  17. interesting...I too prefer the pidgin version...and I so wasn't expecting that ending.

  18. LOL. I'm loving that pidgin. She no send. She do am strong tin sha.

  19. Ah! Wahala dey o! Lmao. Like @ilola said, them two be the same thing,yeye people. Nice one.

  20. @Joxy:
    re 'Na wah for the two of them' LOL
    Na so we see am oh.
    Some couples I ahve come across make a mockery of marriage
    Thanks for stopping by

    @ 2cute4u said...
    How are you. Thanks for your comments
    Please stay strong eh..

    *Nodding my head* @ 'the last verse, a killer'
    Thanks so much

    @ Anoda Phase:
    LOL @'I so wasn't expecting that ending'
    Mission accomplished for me ! *smile*
    Hope you are well

    LOLLLLL @'She do am strong tin sha'
    True talk
    Dem say 'first to do no dey pain, second to do na im dey pain' abi

    @Mimi B
    LOL @' Wahala dey o!'
    I have a friend who says that anytime she is overwhelmed and that cracks me up
    Thanks for coming by

  21. lololololololollol....i love the pidgin version more!

    So who come get the other 4 pikins nah?..hahahaha..... a pot calling a kettle black.

    *thumbs up*

  22. Hi Sister,
    Congratulations on winning the giveaway. It is well deserved. Please email me your book preference and your address, so I can send it to you.

    Adura xoxo

  23. My email ad:

  24. @Ibhade:
    LOL @'So who come get the other 4 pikins nah?..' Good question LOL
    Thanks my sistah

    Thanks for this.
    I'll def be sending you an email asap

  25. hahaha! I love this.....especially the end.

  26. lol! I love the pidgin version. I am bookmarking this page :D

  27. @Nutr.Alert
    Thanks. I'm def popping you on my blogroll 'cos I need constant reminding about watching my diet!!

  28. This is the first poem i'm reading in pidgin. I like!! :D Abeg, make the man come dey go hissssss. But the woman get wahala oh. They've both obviously made fools out of each other lol


  29. @The Corner Shop
    Glad you like it.
    Yes oh...they both get wahala !!
    Thanks for commenting

  30. Afta pesin finsh dis, i most tek sens.

  31. rily creative writing with pidgin.interesting to read the end to where she says only peace is his

  32. Even though there are about a 1001 comments on this post and mine stands the risk of not being seen, I must still comment. Wetin! My voice must be heard sha and my sister you killed it WHAT!!!

    I don laugh tire, this wan no be say laugh wan tear my bele. Ee don already tear am... now headed to the ER... lovely work

  33. LOL at "na only Peace be your own"
    So they are both very compatible na lol

  34. @Edwin
    Yes my brotha re'Afta pesin finsh dis, i most tek sens'
    Na true be dat
    Thank u my brotha

    Thanks my sistah re 'rily creative writing with pidgin'
    Glad you liked it
    Yes oh 'only peace is his own' LOL
    Thanks again

    @Nollywood REinvented
    You seeee you were wrong re '....and mine stands the risk of not being seen' LOL

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you liked it
    Thanks sooo much for the lovely words....abeg no go ER oh. Just open bottle of wine, thank God celebrate say u no be Mama Peace. LOL

    Gbam re'they are both very compatible'
    You have hit the nail on the head
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on this
    Have a great week

  35. I like them both but I LOVE THE PIDGIN version...very UNIQUE!

  36. Chai! So na wetin be de score, since na two of dem dey wakabout...LOL! Dis one na real faya for faya! And na only Peace be Papa Peace pikin? Dat one sef...E get k-leg! 20-year marriage? How sad!

  37. Like wife, like husband. *smh*


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