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Week ending 16th April 2011
The UK Prime minister, David Cameron has outlined proposals to curb 'mass immigration'. This means they aim to 'cap' the number of immigrants coming into the UK. His full speech on this issue is available here
In the same week, it has emerged that in a bid to secure top position at the 2012 Olympics, Eastern European  wrestlers will be 'naturalised' in time to compete for Great Britain. More here
                  MY OPINION: 
                 Same old story - Lots of rhetoric about immigration but as long as an immigrant is    economically beneficial to a country, rules can be broken/ re-written

The Nigerian election appears to have closed with mixed feedback. While some observers have alleged rigging, others have stated that the conduct of this election was a huge improvement on past elections. While, events are still unfolding, it does appear that the incumbent, President Goodluck has a massive lead over his closest rival, ex-HOS Buhari

                 MY OPINION: 
                 Without doubt, the coming months will be rife with allegations and counter allegations of rigging etc. However, what is emerging is a clear regional divide - between the predominantly Muslim regions which backed Buhari....and the Christain regions which backed Goodluck.
While this is not a welcome development, the fact that Goodluck seems to have gained such backing might indicate  that candidates from minority tribes could be the best bet - as Presidential candidates - in future. For once, the presidential issue is not along tribal lines - but along regional lines !

Would-be 2012 Republican nominee Donald Trumphas re-ignited doubts over whether President Obama is a 'natural-born citizen'. He asks “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? The fact is, if he wasn’t born in this country, he shouldn’t be the president of the United States,” Read more here
                Here we go again - After dealing with Palin, Tea party etc......we have to deal with this .
 I assume all neccessary checks were made when Obama initially declared his intention to run?
In a country that claims to be the 'Land of the Free'.......and a 'Refuge to all'.
 It always seems to appear that when push comes to shove - some are more American than others


  1. lol...i like your talk on politics, USA politics is extremely funny

  2. @Chizzy D
    Really funny...especially with all the dodgy characters that emerge from time to time.
    Thanks sis

  3. Oh, can Donald Trump please keep quiet? This issue has been raised and even litigated. These Republicans need to start singing new songs. They've sung this one sore.

  4. Actually, a lot of muslims voted for Goodluck. This is actually the cause of the current crisis. The margins by which Buhari won were so small, so some CPC peeps have organized hoodlums to burn down PDP member's houses, including Imams oh. It's sad.


  5. @os
    LOL @'can Donald Trump please keep quiet?'
    It always makes me sad that whenever a black achiever rises, all kinds of 'irritants' emerge from beneath whatever rock they have been living - to contest their legitimacy.
    I like you conclusion ' They've sung this one sore'
    Couldnt have put it better myself
    Thanks sis

    @ The Corner Shop said...
    Re: A lot of muslims voted for Goodluck....mmmm.
    I have to say that Buhari's conduct has disappointed me. Whatever respect I had for the man has disappeared after his slow reaction to the riots.
    Thanks for your comments

  6. i read your love story from myne whiteman's website and it was fascinating and incredible identical to what i am going through now almost at the same age as you ;; 21years. i will like to share my story with you privately but i wasnt able to get an email address from your blog or i probably didnt check well. please write me: so that i can reply asap. thanks.

    1. ohh and i really need your advice and insight on how to tackle what i am currently facing...God bless

  7. My Dear Sister,

    I find your blog very open, honest, interesting and funny. I myself am a Naija mum in London so to speak although a newer one than yourself and knowing what may be comin' ahead of me with your boy is an eye opener! Love this blog. Would you be interested in doing me a great favour and helping add substance to the family area of my blog? My blog is aimed at young Nigerian women in the UK:


    Its still in the concept stages but would love your input and experiences being a mother and a blogger.

    Hugs and Kisses



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