Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Mess All Round

I am always humbled when I meet people who make a difference to other people's lives.

Similarly, I am always given a jolt when I read/ hear something that shows how much this world is messed up.

I don't know how many of you have heard of Dr Kermit Gosnell - the Philadelphia based doctor who aborted/ murdered foetuses over 32 weeks old and caused the death of at least one woman.

I read the Grand Jury Report on this case here with a mixture of nausea and dismay. If you can, please read up what this man is accused of. It makes for gruesome reading

Questions are now being asked about why he got away with it for so long ..........?

While I cannot generalise, I can suggest that perhaps he got away with it for so long, for the same reasons why.........
- Spousal Abuse is ignored until it turns to Mariticide/ Uxoricide
- Racism/ Tribalism is ignored until it turns to Genocide
- Post Natal Depression is ignored until it turns into Filicide
- Sibling Rivalry is ignored until it becomes Fratricide/ Sororicide................

Because we (as a society) are too busy worrying/ arguing about...
- Who is the slimmest
- Who is the richest
- Who has the most 'authentic' hair/ skin
- Who is 'doing well' and who is 'not doing well'
- Who has/ hasn't got married/ had children/ got a job/ graduated etc etc
- Who is the smartest etc etc

This world is messed up enough, please don't contribute to making it worse.....


  1. Im in shock! How can people live everyday with such atrocity weighing down their conscience?!

    Wicked! Inhumane!

  2. Thank you Naija mum,yes, we have attached so much importance to less important things and ignored the very important ones.

  3. Read about that some days ago, but was just too traumatized to blog about it. God help us.

  4. I don't think I've got the stomach to read it, but thanks for sharing. I hear you sha. Everything has its own context and it's easy to lose perspective on the important things. Welcome back:)

  5. This is so sad. Its so easy to get lost in other not so important things in life.

  6. The guy is sick but what of the women who voluntarily went there to have late term abortions? I guess they are not sick and innocent in this matter.

  7. I don't think I have the strength to read the story after reading this little you have written...this is so sad, the world is so messed up right now...sigh!

  8. That makes me sick
    EURGH! The world is soooooo messed up


  9. The truth has been told......Let's read, ponder and be that change that we would love to see........

    Btw, are those real words ending in 'cide' or did you just make them up? I never heard of any beyond genocide.....If they are real words, you are truly a grammar speaking sombodi *smiling*

  10. word @"This world is messed up enough, please don't contribute to making it worse"
    its a messed up world really.

  11. What was he thinking or should i say what were they all thinking?! Terrible terrible things happening!

  12. That is so so terrible... But like you said, let's not contribute to making it worse. I definitely would like to be a part of the change.

  13. Just some information: your white text doesn't come through in an rss feed... which makes it a very strange post... good way to lure people here though ;-)

  14. Can you tell the swollen headed blogger to revert to open blog post. All she had to do was to close comments but to shut a lot of people out simply because she is now in the US does not make sense.

    Thank god for open minded bloggers like you. No matter how bad some people made her feel, she should not have shut innocent people out. I think I over estimated her. I was shocked and thought the search engine was playing up. Feel free to delete since it has nothing to do with your blog post.

  15. See bad belle sha! People are not good. If you love her blog so much is anything stopping you from asking for her email address to find out what is going on and her reasons for doing what she did? Why is it so easy to assume she is swollen headed because she is now in the US? I smell jealousy. She was in the US for over a year before she even mentioned it on her blog (or didn't you see that?), that should tell you the kind of person she is.

    It's people like you that stop people from sharing their good news. Let jealousy not kill you.

  16. I pray that we all come together to stop this bleeding mess. It is becoming unbecoming. Haba!

  17. That is why when you are carrying Zoe in you,
    you become the Light of the world
    Christ is living in you, shine that light!

  18. Chei, wats dis world turning into. NIL just discovered ur blog, I am new to blogsville. Pls follow me, I'll follow back

  19. Crazy world. Some things you hear and you get upset. smh

  20. Apathy is a dangerous thing. Before can change we need to learn empathy. For only when we feel other people's pain do we act to change things.

  21. The brief details you provide of him in this post makes me sick of him already. That's so messed up.

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  23. Hello NIL,how are you? And your family? Its been long. I guess you are good. Just checking on you and saying hello.

  24. Weso much miss you...How family


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