Friday, 11 May 2012

Tags and Hugs

Before I begin, I want to say thanks to my 'brethren' who keep on checking up on me. I really, really, really appreciate this. Love to you all.

While I have been 'absent', My dear powerhouse Simply Mee gave me an award. Thank you my sister.

I'm sure you guys know the love I have for this woman so I will not bore you with the respect I have for this woman. Let me just say I have the utmost respect for her because she is not afraid to say 'This is me...No sugar coating...No Effizy.....No Pretence !!' Love it !!

Anyway, the award requires me to......
#1 Post the rules
#2 Post 11 things about myself.
#3 Answer the questions that my tagger posted for me
#4 Create 11 questions, then choose 11 people and tag them to answer your questions.
#5 Remember to let them know you tagged them.
#6 No tag backs.
#7 Let the tagger know when you answered their questions.

11 Things about myself:
- I prefer the company of very old and very young people. They are less judgmental and appreciate life more
- I find men easier to deal with
- I am really mischievous and I constantly find humour in most situations, Indeed, I believe I have a resident comedian in my head LOL
- I cant stand lateness especially when it is habitual
- I am really organised
- I dont like doing things half heartedly. I believe that if you are going to do something, do it properly......always give your all
- I cannot stand liars
- I cannot stand people who flaunt their wealth or status
- I avoid judging people because I know I am flawed
- I love to dance
- I feel younger now than I felt when I was 21

Here are my answers to my sister's questions:
1)What hairstyle are you currently rocking?.......At the moment, its pulled back in a little bun. My hair is natural but I use weave-on from time to time. 
2)How long did you spend in primary school?.....I spent six years
3)What is your naughtiest moment ?......I have soooo many. Okay, here's one: when I was little, I loved to outwit my mum. One Christmas eve, me and my sisters wanted some of the fried meat and my mum refused. We stole some and hid it in our hair. LOL Please dont judge me! LOL 

Heres another - My dad didnt like us drinking fizzy drinks but I often took sprite or seven up and poured it into a cup ...and had it on the dinning table with my meal. My dad never knew! LOL
4)How do you express your anger?.......I go really quiet because I avoid speaking in anger. It also allows me think how best to deal with the issue. 
5)What would you spend your last penny on?......A good meal and a good book 
6)When was the last time you treated yourself to a niceeeeeee warm food?...Today. I made nice pepper soup with catfish and chicken. We had it with pounded yam! :)
7) Who was the last person you said  "I love you " to? ........My sons as they left for bed a minute ago.
8) What is your favourite take away dish?.......I have to choose Nigerian: Suya and Foreign: Chinese - Mixed seafood (scallops, mussels, prawns, squid in oyster sauce) and egg fried rice. Tooooo good.
9) How do you eat in public, spoon, knife, fork or hands, loud, quiet, slow, fast etc?....Knife and fork. Really slow because I'm often talking to someone....LOL 
10)Do you polish your shoes? ....Definitely. I like to be 'on point' LOL
11)What are your thoughts on after Life
?....As a Catholic, we believe in Heaven as the ultimate destination after death. However, I do believe there have been instances of reincarnation and that the world is full of unexplained mysteries. For example I have had dreams that have seen the future. The only way to find out what is on the 'other side' is to die. I rather not..... so, I feel we should be kind to each other because nobody really knows for certain what happens when we die.  

That's done !!

Unfortunately, I cant tag anyone because I think practically everyone has done this. Hope you dont mind.

Instead, could I please ask readers to respond to this:
List Three things that you like about yourself........and Three things you dont.

See you soon.... I promise to post on Monday.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx BIG HUG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello! I awarded you on my blog..:)

    LOL @ hiding meat in hair. My brother use to put it in his pocket...I like number 8 :) :)...

    3 things I like- My principles, my body type :D, my freee spirit.

    I dont like- my shoe size, over analyzing, the fact I dont call home as often as I would like just because I dont know..

    1. Thank you sweetheart
      I'm really grateful you even remembered me - despite my lazy blogging LOL
      I feel you re 'I dont call home as often as I would like just because I dont know'
      *covering my face in shame*

  2. lol @ the hiding meat in your hair!!!

    My likes: my drive/passion, my ability to relate to anyone, my courage

    My dislikes: I over analyze/assume too much, my mood swings, my impatient nature

    1. How are you my sistah
      I'm loving your drive....It will take you far....IJN. Amen
      Mood swings??? No way...Please control them or they will control you. Abeg
      Re: over analyse..I'm sure you've heard the saying 'over analysis leads to paralysis' LOL
      Take care sweetie

  3. welcome back sistah!

    Yay! thanx for updating!

    Now off to read!.ehehehe

  4. awwww, thank you so much for your kind words about #blushing#..seriously, i am..ehhhehe.

    I do like company of guys to females also.. they are less emotional and practical....yes! i knew you are a comedian! That is why i enjoy reading your posts...and we clicked...really liked your thoughts on afterlife...i do believe their are many mysteries we don't know or understand...m-ehn! hide meat under your dad didn't like us eating sweets, we would sneak to buy it and quickly eat them as we walk home and rinse our mouth. gbadun this post. Thank you very much for homouring the 'tag' what about the award ehn?....didn't see it on your blog yet..#;looking#...have a lovely weekend.

    1. My sistah. you don come again...LOL
      Which award again? Abeg enligten me. You no I'm always rushing like
      LOL @ eating sweets outside. You no go kill person. LOL
      Thank you soooo much for being on blogger
      You have a unique voice

  5. So you are gonna post on monday? wow.

    You dey enjoy o, I wish I was with you when you were eating the pounded yam. Did you pound it?

    I am coming to your house to flaunt my pounds sterling, numerous jimmy choo, prada, gucci and the likes. Lets see whether you will throw me out, lol.

    1. Re 'wow' LOL
      How come I feel you dont believe me ...:)

      Pound ke? No, we use powdered poundo here oh.
      I couldnt even pound in Naija. My mum gave up on me. LOL

      Re: 'flaunt pounds sterling in my house..' Try yourself now.
      I can sure the first thing you will hear when you enter is my boys asking 'Aunty, anything for the boys...' LOL
      Take care sweetie

  6. The 3 things i like about myself..hmm.
    1}My easily satisfied
    2}My down-2-earth attitude,it makes me know my true friends
    3}My ability to adapt to any situation..sometimes,i surprise myself.

    The 3 things i don't like about myself.
    1}I assume too much and quickly,which atimes backfires on me.
    2}When hurt, i strike back as good as i got, which denotes the verse in proverb that says, it is a fool that shows his anger! #ouch!
    3}The same passion i do love, is the same passion i do hate! #seriously trying my best to change#

    Thank you sistah...greetings to your family..xoxox

    1. IB
      Even if you didnt answer the questions, I could have answered them for you LOL
      I think I see you as ' Slow to anger but swift to strike' Abi
      Take care and have a blessed weekend

    2. IB
      Even if you didnt answer the questions, I would have answered them for you LOL
      I see you as 'Slow to anger and swift to strike' Abi? :))
      Do have a good weekend and stay blessed

  7. Naija mum toh bad lol, Trust family is doing great.
    I enjoyed reading this and we will be waiting for your post EXACTLY on monday o..hehee

    about me..
    things i like - My face, my adventurous side.
    things i don't like - i'm impatient, i'm sometimes indecisive.

    1. Thanks for the award also
      I really appreciate it
      I didnt realise till I visited your blog. E ma binu
      Re: your face, I dont blame you, even I like that face. LOL
      RE: on it sweetie. Who dares wins !
      Take care

  8. And she is back #HappyDance. Meat in hair? feeling younger than when you were 21? peppersoup and pounded yam??? Only you ooooo. Me love you long time.

    1. LOL @'Happydance' Thanks dearie
      Na only me oh! LOL
      I loff you too
      Hope all is well

  9. Your answer to question number two is hilarious! Meat in ur hair? Lwkmd
    Things I like about myself; my disposition, my ability to make people laugh, my pink gums.
    Dislikes about myself; I react too quickly when I am upset, my extra large hips and the texture of my hair.

    1. *Smile* @ 'my pink gums' They must look really healthy!!
      *Shock* at 'dislike extra large hips'...I dont think you realise the 'fixed assets' you are carrying LOL
      Haba..please oh. Those are beauties
      Thanks for dropping by

    2. *covers face* people always say that but one of the cons is that i don't have a perfect dress or a suit size and that, is very frustrating!!!!

  10. & she's back. Welcome back NIL. Missed you much. I intended to tag you too *pout* anyways, love your answers.

    Things I love: my free spirit, courage & ability to laugh @ anything including myself.
    Things I dislike: my impatience & restlessness

    @Atoskin, u dislike ur extra large hips ke? C dis babe o

    1. Thanks dearie
      Please dont pout oh. Abeg LOL
      Loving your ability to laugh at yourself. Me too!
      I dont think you should dislike your can be a catalyst for action.
      RE: Atoskin....abi? LOL
      Hope all is well with you

    2. @ toin: sadly i do, it just makes certain things difficult!

  11. Good to see you're back!

    3 things I like about myself:
    1. my penchant for hard work;
    2. my ability to withstand social/peer pressure;
    3. my ability to endure and suffer long (even though I typically would prefer luxury and bliss and not be a "sufferhead", but I don see life!)

    3 things I don't like about myself:
    1. impatience (Father, deliver me from this vice);
    2. perfectionism, a.k.a. OCD (I need to learn that I can function in an untidy house; that the heavens won't collapse if mistakes happen in life...)
    3. feeding my family but not always remembering to eat enough as I should, which makes it difficult to achieve the voluptuousness I have always craved as a child :) On the flip side, oyibos think my body is cool (which tells you the society needs help!)

    1. I'm loving your ability to withstand peer pressure....A rare quality
      LOL @ ability to suffer long. That is deeeeep! :)

      I like the things you mentioned as 'dislikes'
      I'm with you re: No 2
      Definitely not with you re: No 3. I am over voluptuous LOL
      Yes oh..these oyinbo get issues sha....but the truth is that your frame means you are quite healthy.
      Hope all is well with you

  12. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Happy to read from you again!
    Thanks for posting again.

    3 things I like about myself:
    - Don't know how to nurse grudges
    - Make friends easily
    - Knows how to dance

    3 things I don't like:
    - Could be lazy and easily overwhelmed with details
    - Sleep late everytime :-( (It's 1am already)
    - Keeping in touch

    1. Thanks Michael
      Hope all is well with you
      I love that you make friends easily...That is not an easy skill

      I feel you re: 'overwhelmed with details'
      *sigh* I no fit shout...That's me all over

  13. you hid meat in your hair? wow.......and i thought i was naughty.
    good to see you around here again

    1. RE:'Meat in hair' Yes oh! LOL
      We had this 'chuku' hairstyle so we slipped it into the top LOL
      Thanks for dropping by

  14. Hi NIL, how are the boys?

    3 things I like about myself:
    a.I'm confident and positive, I dont believe anything is too difficult/tasking or impossible.
    b.I dont need anyone to make me happy, my humour veins are always in overdrive, even when it seems things arent going as planned
    c.My body - everything's in the right proportion teheheh

    3 things I dont like:
    a.The perfectionist factor
    b.The switch to shy-mode everytime I have to eat in public!
    c.Lastly, i think im becoming too independent!

    1. The boys dey kampe my sistah.
      How far?
      I love your humour and positive body image. Mwahh

      *scratching my head* re 'too independent'
      I do understand......I dont blame you though.
      It can seem easier than dealing with other people's drama
      Stay blessed

  15. Hiyah! welcome back and congrats on the award! missed reading from you, its Monday already.....waiting for the promised post;)

    1. This Priscy sef...
      Are you sure you are not a police woman? LOL
      Okay oh...I have posted oh
      I hope it resonates with you


    Welcome back B.. DANCING AZONTOO..

    Its been forever... Thanks for the comment on my love it...

    lol @ drinking sprite in ur cup and dad didnt know..funny.

    I like everything about me... even the things I dont like, I like because they make me .SHA MY TOP THREE
    a)I like the fact that I am inlove with God and people see that and are amaze by it.
    b)I like the FACT AM ALWAYS CONFIDENT. lol.
    c)I like the fact that I have an awesome mindset.

    Three things I dont like.
    a)I can over think...
    b)I am a talker dont know when to stop sometimes..
    c)I am too TRANSPARENT. I dont know how to pretend or hide things...

    1. LOL @ Azonto

      I'm loving the mindset

      Re: 'too transparent' I know what you mean. People ask for the truth and they cant handle it....*sigh*

      Stay blessed

  17. You see? We love you! so 3 things I like about myself
    1. My sense of humour
    2. My ability to love deeply and give of myself
    3. The fact that I don't lie to myself

    3 things I dislike
    1. I'm sensitive
    2. My stubborness
    3. My indecisiveness and weak will

  18. Just two things:
    How does someone hide meat in hair??!! shilidren and ingenuity!
    How do you feel younger than 21 now. you know if that can be packaged into a product we'll be richer than Zuckerberg!
    Just dey shine dey go. norrin do you :)

    3 things i love about me - easily content, slow to anger-fast to forgive, I find humor in situations easily
    3 things i dont like - easily content can easily become inertia, slow to anger- i miss out on opportunities to let rip, I like completing tasks. if i leave something half done it can mess my day/week


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