Saturday, 15 January 2011

Stylish and Versatile Award

I have been awarded the THE STYLISH & VERSATILE AWARDS by Ibhade (Housewife Tales) and Atilola

Thanks for this honour. I feel really special - especially as I have only been blogging for two months.

Oh dear, I feel really emotional *sniff sniff*....and I really want to make an Oscar-type acceptance speech........Just Kidding!

According to the rules, I should say 7 things about myself. So here goes:

1) My faith in God is my strength. However, I believe in simplicity of worship so I hate Bible-bashers (people who constantly go around forcing the word of the Bible on everyone else - and claiming that everything BUT the Bible is evil). Being religous should not be a substitute for common sense.

2) I love Pidgin English! While my job is very academic (Research/ Education) and requires good English (spoken and written); I revert to Pidgin English whenever I talk with old Naija friends. If you see me dey nak pidgin, u go tink say I dey sell akara *smile*

3) I adore fashion - but I don't like spending too much money on it so I am not one to buy gold or expensive lace. So, it helps that I can sew and make costume jewellry!

4) I love learning new things - so I get excited whenever I meet fascinating people. This might explain why I enjoy having conversations with really old people and really young ones - because they say it as it is!

5) I absolutely love, love food  and entertaining. That's why I'm in my element when cooking, baking and organising events that involve good food, wine, dancing, friendly people and lots of laughter! Basically, I love a good party!

6) I love daydreaming so I love reading, writing and watching movies. Escapism - and prayer - are my solutions to stress!

7) I am fascinated by Politics - and all the shenanigans that go with it. You can learn a lot about human psychology when you watch people with power (as well as those trying to get power)

I am now expected to give this award to 15 other here goes (in random order):


2) P.E.T





7) 2CUTE4U






13) MIMI B



Many thanks to you all's what you have to do as an awardee:
1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award.

2) Then list 7 things about yourself.

3) Give out the same awards to 15 other bloggers.

4) Then contact them.

*Phew* This has been fun...I'm now off to contact the awardees.

P.S:.........I beg your forgiveness IF:
I have failed to nominate you OR
I have given you extra work! *smile*


  1. Love pidgin? sistah, if nah im be d best to nack tori o! English dey checkmate the flow o jare!

    Fascinated with politics?...kai! i no fit near am with a 10-feet poll sef!...hehehhe.

    Yeah, i love organizing an event but not in my element when cooking o! The idea of staying near fire-wood for hours cooking jollof rice, iyan, semo, & efo-riro is sooooo stressful that at the end of the day, i won't be able to enjoy the party & the food!...*grinning*.

    It's a pleasure knowing more about you sister..xoxo.

  2. @IBHADE:

    LOLLLL @'....nah im be d best to nack tori o!'.......I agree bo! Abi!!!! Even when I wan nack d gist and d person no sabi pidgin, I dey feel say d gist no dey sweet reach (e be like moi-moi wey no get pepper reach) *smile*

    Re: Your feelings about Politics......I do understand, but my job and background requires I liaise with some politicians/ govt workers! My apologies about this....LOL

    Re: Event: I no go lie you, I used to run away from party cooking in Naija becos by d time I finish, even my braids dey smell like firewood. My love for entertaining really started here - becos i no get to struggle with firewood and mortar! :)

    Thanks so much for ALWAYS leaving a comment. You have really made blogsville a fun place to be.


  3. Ha, I had to first go and catch up with the last two stories, understanding women 101 for prof and the use of our names. Very interesting topics o..

    Love the glimpses you gave of you. Can't wait to attend one of your parties so we can eat better food, gist about politics and daydreams in pidgin, and then I can ask prettily for some custom made clothes and jewelry, lol...

  4. @MYNE:
    Welcome baaaaack!

    Re: 'Love the glimpses you gave of you.....'
    I am hoping we can meet up one of this days. I'm all for a quiet, civilised gathering that steadily descends into a noisy riot - of dancing, eating and lively conversation)
    Hope to meet you whenever you come over.

    PS - As for the jewellry, no problem - so long as you write and publish a book (with my name as the author) *smile*

  5. Mummy, I am hungry ooooo. I need someone to spoil me with good food and I have chosen. lol.

    Nice knowing more things about you

  6. the comments here are funny..

  7. @ILOLA:
    LOLLLL @'Mummy, I am hungry ooooo......'
    No shaking. I will cook for you - in return for a nice meal out sometime. *smile*
    Thanks for dropping by

    Re:...'the comments here are funny'..
    Abi? I guess we all love to laugh. Have a good week dearie

  8. *blushing blushing blushing*
    Thanks for the nomination.
    As for the food, i wont ask if im invited or not, i am already holding out my plate... hehehe

  9. I wish I could speak pidgin English as fluently as Warri and Edo speakers. Sounds like you sabi speak am well sha. It should be 'formalised' in Nigeria - to be more widely spoken, but I guess the old colonial mentality might just get in the way.

  10. @P.E.T:
    Re:'i wont ask if im invited or not'.... - sounds like most of my friends!

    Re: 'It should be 'formalised' in Nigeria' know most Naija peeps prefer to ape western ways - so, agree with you that 'colonial mentality might just get in the way.'
    Thanks for that comment

  11. Congrats on the award. Nice blog.

  12. yay!!! I'm thrilled to learn that you can sew and love to cook... we've got these in common :)
    How exciting it would be to get together and swap sewing tips and tricks over correct naija food! I'll definitely be letting you know when next I'm in your city :-D

  13. Finally!
    I can now comment..
    Oh I'm so happy!
    Thanks for the award and congrats dear..

  14. @Bfabevents
    Thanks. I'm coming over to your blog now.......

    Re: 'I'm thrilled to learn that you can sew and love to cook...' It shows we like good things *smile*

    However, I must tell you that I am not even in the same league as you oh. My own na cut and nail *smile*

    Seriously though, let me know when you pass thru here.

    @ 2cute4u
    Good to hear from you.
    Your name always makes me smile....!


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