Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tragic Comedy

Perhaps, the greatest comedy
Ever written,
Was by God
When He gave life to man.

As soon as man is born
He craves wisdom and maturity.
Accomplishing that,
He then envies the ignorance of the young.

As soon as man is ready to breed
He yearns for the perfect offspring.
Failing that,
He then prays for improved versions of himself.

As soon as man finishes raising his children
He pushes them out of the nest.
Forlorn and lonely,
He then longs for the vibrancy of a full house.

As soon as man is bored with life
He craves excitement.
Worn and exhausted,
He then hungers for the humdrum.

As soon as man learns to covet
He wishes to surpass his neighbour’s fortune.
Superfluously endowed,
He then fears he might lose it all.

As soon as man lacks food
He envies the portly nature of the well fed.
Overfed and languid,
He then yearns for the physique of the malnourished

As soon as man gains wealth
He seeks to gain immortality
Elderly and feeble
He then hankers for a peaceful death

As soon as man understands life
He reaches death’s door
All-knowing and wise
He then wishes he had made less mistakes.

Indeed, the greatest tragedy
Ever lived
Was by man
When he forgot his life is a comedy

This poem was inspired by a day when all I seemed to ask was - ' Why me?'


  1. Wow, nice poem! I love the flow!

    Hope all is well?

  2. Isn't life just full of irony? We must always bear that in mind or we'll be lost.

  3. @Blessing:
    I'm well oh! Exhausted, busy ...but well!
    *smile* Thank God.
    Hope YOU are well.

    Ironic is a good way to describe life.
    Yes, we must always remember that....but sadly, I forget and try to make sense of it all *sigh*

  4. wow! first time to truly understand a poem!..weldone sister...i got the 'gist' of the recitation...HA! as long as the eyes sees, the heart would always want! is always insatiable..& it's when we are at the throes of death, we know ALL IS VANITY!..vanity upon vanity!

  5. nicely written. Human wants are indeed insatiable.

  6. lovely, what an irony of life.

  7. omg..this is so beautiful. you're so gifted. totally enjoyed the poem. u shld be a poet hey :)

  8. @IBHADE:
    LOL @ 'first time to truly understand a poem!'
    I'm hoping I will tempt you to write your own poem soon???

    Gbam re:....'as long as the eyes sees, the heart would always want!' TRUE. The ting tire me sef. As soon as one problem finish, another wahala go start!

    VANITY! you talk am!!! Thank you for taking the time to read it!

    @P.E.T. Human wants being insatiable.
    I tell myself that...and then I start craving some new thing again.......*smile*

    Thanks for commenting

    Re: 'Irony of life'....Too true.
    I wonder whether we ever learn?

    Thanks for the compliment.
    Mmmm re: 'u shld be a poet'.........I'd love to be paid for that...*smile*

    Glad you liked it. Thanks for leaving a comment

  10. Woow, this is really nice, and it is soo true.

  11. @ILOLA:
    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated

  12. The poem shows the exact life-cycle of man. Though the order the poem narrates the activities may characterize the life of man may be different based on the situations that surround him.

    Nice poem...

  13. @SESHE:
    Thanks. Glad you liked it

    Thanks for stopping by..........Much appreciated

  14. I laugh at the comedy of our lives and weep at the tragedy of our ignorance of the comedy of it all. Thanks for sharing

  15. @EMEKA:
    I think you have captured the truth when you say....'............weep at the tragedy of our ignorance of the comedy of it all.'

    So much senseless fuss. I really wish I could learn to appreciate EACH day.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Its amazing how retrospection can produce beautiful pieces.

    I feel this poem!

  17. @AFRONUTS:
    Thanks do much for the comment!

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