Saturday, 28 May 2011

In My Bag

Sis Yemmie  tagged me in a bag meme. This involves taking a picture of my bag and all its contents.

This woman sef. I just thank my lucky stars that I have a designer bag or I would have died from shame. LOL

Anyway, here is a picture of my bag and all its valuable contents:

As you can see, this designer bag is a 'Buzz Lightyear' bag from the film 'Toy Story  3'

The contents:
(1) Disposable Spoon and Fork
(2) Drinking Straw
(3) Bottle Opener
(4) Serviette
(5) Toothpick

These items are in my bag because I like food and I aim to be always prepared - just in case I 'jam' free food.

LOL....Just kidding guys, That's my son's school lunch bag !

Here is a pic of my real bag:

The contents:

(Left to Right)
- Large Notebook: I use this for work-related stuff i.e. jotting down tasks, key info at work. I know a lot of people like using Windows Outlook to record tasks but I'm not a fan - because I like writing a daily list of work tasks and then smugly striking off whatever I've done. I also dont like the constant reminders you get from Outlook. It can be distracting when you are in the middle of something else.

- Smaller Notebook: I use this for personal notes i.e. ideas for research, this blog or poetry drafts

- Sunglasses:  As soon as I see a single ray of sunshine I put them on. LOL. Na one life have to rock that swagga.....any way, any day !

- Wallet: Loads of stuff in here...Old reciepts, Bank cards, Store cards ....little cash

- Novel: Adam Hochschild's 'King Leopold's Ghost' is about the exploitation of the Congo Free State between 1885 - 1908. It explores the atrocities committed by European colonial rulers in Africa. It is not an easy read at all. However, I am a firm believer in knowing more about the past because it often affects the present. As Bob Marley sang in Buffalo Soldier:
         ''If you know your history,
          Then you would know where you coming from,
          Then you wouldn't have to ask me,
          Who the 'eck do I think I am''

- Hand Cream 

- Hand Sanitizer:  This is an atiseptic alcohol rub - that I use when I am out and about in town. Particularly if I've been on public transport/ have used public bathrooms

- Red USB: For work stuff

- Black USB: For Personal Stuff

-  Pens 

- Pocket Tissues

- Packs of Dried Mango and Plaintain Chips:  I always have some nibbles in my bag because I often dont have time for breakfast and I want to avoid buying junk

- Bottle of Water:  I try to have some water on me because you can never tell when you will be stuck on a train mid-journey

- Phone 

- Keys 

- Comb 

- Oyster Card:  For travelling around London

- Trident Chewing Gum: For freshening my breath

- Make up Bag 

- Umbrella: In the UK, rain is never far away

Well, I dont know what my bag says about me. What do you think??

I'm now tagging the following people:

If I failed to tag you please forgive me......However, do let me know what you think my bag says about me !

Have a fab weekend


  1. Your bag is really is your son's.

    The contents make a lot of sense and show a practical and well organised lady.

    Thanks for the tag...will get round to it soon (though I don't have a lovely bag like

  2. yoUR bag looks lovely, please ship it to Canada :D'
    hUMMM.... WHAT does your bag say about you??? it says you always plan ahead. I think :)
    Thanks for the tag!!!!!

  3. hehehe.... the contents are very practical and shows you are a very organised lady. i must say i prefer the buzz lightyear bag though :p

  4. As with the other lovely ladies, I think your bag indicates how organised and practical you are...the buzzlightyear bag is the business though, it has everything anyone could possibly need to survive!

    Thanks for tagging me.


  5. Mama why why! why you wan do this to me?? I am not a lady in that dept at all, at all starting with the bag. Hope there's an award for exposing my vulnerability like this :)

    Wahoo!!I love sonnie's bag.. Ever-ready!
    I'm comforted that you're practical like me shaa. Thanks for the tag!

  6. @Anoda Phase
    Thanks for the compliments
    LOL @'though I don't have a lovely bag like yours'
    This is my fave work bag
    We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while
    Have a fab weekend

    LOL @'please ship it to Canada'
    No problems, so long as you ship some of your food to me pronto
    Hope all is well with you

    Re: 'Practical and organised'
    Yes, I try to be
    One has to ...if one wants to achieve even half of one's tasks
    LOL @'i prefer the buzz lightyear bag though'
    Me too.
    Who doesnt want to be a child forever?
    Have a fab weekend

  7. @Pretty Lashes
    LOL @'the buzzlightyear bag is the business though, it has everything anyone could possibly need to survive!'
    True talk...Ever ready
    Hope all is well with you
    Do have a good weekend

    LOL @' why you wan do this to me??'
    How do you think I felt when Sis Yemmie tagged me? LOL
    Before I took the picture, I removed all the bits I found at the bottom of the bag (scribbled notes, a single mint, scrunched up note etc) LOL
    Hope you have a great weekend

  8. First thing I noticed was "King Leopold's Ghost". That man was beastly...

    Anyway, your bag tells me you do a lot on the go and that we have A LOT in common: I also have 2 USBs in my bag, a notebook, pens, sunglasses, pocket tissues, etc.

  9. Starting with the the Buzz Lightyear bag was absolutely inspired, lol...

    I love your big bag, and I think the contents show a practical lady.

  10. @OS:
    Re: "King Leopold...''
    Beastly is the only way one can describe him and the whole agenda behind colonialism/ apartheid

    Yes re: ' do a lot on the go' Totally agree. I really have no choice :))))

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope all is well

    LOL @'the Buzz Lightyear bag'....My son was asking what I was doing with his bag. LOL

    Yes re: 'I think the contents show a practical lady' I think that totally describes me

    Hope you are feeling better? Take care

  11. Awww, my son had a similar lunch bag when he was a bit younger. I miss that stage. Toy Story (1, 2, and 3)=brilliant viewing.
    Loving your bag. And the contents show you're very organised and practical. No nonsense! Lol. Thanks for tagging me. :)))

  12. Yaay thanks for tagging me even though my purse isnt half as eciting as yours :)
    and LOL, i wld totally rock your son's lunchbox :p

  13. You seem so organised. Even the way you arranged everything on the tabled. I have done my own, which is currently in draft. It looks so scattered. lol
    P.S: I still can't comment with my gmail on embedded comment boxes. It is not about ur blog, I am experiencing the same problem on everyone with comment boxes like yours. sobs

  14. @Ms.Buki
    *sigh* re: 'I miss that stage'
    I look at my first son sometimes and I wonder where the time has gone???
    Yes, I am organised....I have no choice oh...
    Whenever I let things slide, I always regret it *sigh*

    Thanks for doing the post on this

    LOL @ 'even though my purse isnt half as exciting as yours'
    Somehow, I very much doubt it Kitkat. I'm sure you will have some very interesting stuff in there LOL
    LOL re 'i wld totally rock your son's lunchbox' So would I, so would I
    Have a fab week

    Re 'You seem so organised'....Ilola, no be by choice. In a house with four men...someone has to be or it will be chaos. LOL
    I just read yours...It was organised, so I cant see what you meant by 'scattered' LOL
    I do hope the comment issue gets sorted out soon. Are you sure its not your gmail settings?

    Anyway, have a fab week

  15. Thank you sister for tagging sorry for commenting late..was under the weather for some days....liked your sense of humour in the opening bag contents tell me you are an organized person...xoxoxo

  16. I love the stunt you pulled with the buzz lightyear lunch bag,lmao, brilliant!

    I agree with everyone, its ovbious you're a very organized person.

    I'm off to do mine, should be up by tomorrow.

  17. @Ibhade:
    You sef..why I go vex.
    I can only imagine how many commitments you have. It is not easy at all.
    Please take your time with the tag.
    Take care

    Thanks re: 'Buzz Lightyear bag' Just wanted to shake thinks up a bit
    I am now getting worried that everyone thinks I am this efiko (overzealous nerd) LOL
    Thanks for dropping by. I'll look forward to your post.
    Have a good week

  18. Notebooks are so essiential, i always have one and a pen to go!
    Your sons bag is cute jare. Designer toh badt!

  19. i love your kid's space ranger the contents. for food only. Thanks for particimating :}

  20. Lovely bag, love that colour. Want to be as organised as you when I grow up, sigh. I don't get to carry a bag daily, glad I wasn't tagged for this particular one, would've had to be quite inventive :)Buzz Lightyear rocks! More details about your bag please?

  21. I'm jealous cos you didn't tag me *pouting*
    just kidding :o) You are so organized! Seems like you thought of everything.

  22. Naija mum ​​​am back "life and direct".... Thanks be to God ohhhhh! LOL

    Wow, this is a sweet one as long as a lot of us will be sincere,lol. Now If i carry tear-tear bag or bag wey de like refuse dump wetin I go do? :D

    Anyway, Your bag is very detailed and speaks volumes: you're detailed,organized, etc.
    Some teachers,traders consultants,writers,etc carry notebooks and a lot of stuff around in this manner.

    My bag is a BOAT loaded with all sorts of stuff:3notebooks,a book to read,my phones,sanitary pad(when I remember to put one),pain relief for "show day",my purse,my sun glasses,shower cap,ear phones,a BAG of makeup, a scarf,pens,sometimes I carry my slippers, etc...HEAVY load for a shoulder I think.
    Hope to put up mine soon as u don "kolobi" mi oooo!

  23. LOL!! You almost got me there hehe!! I love your bag- want to steal it :D So, you compartmentalize your work and personal stuff- i should do that; i've got just one notebook for everything mmmhh


  24. @Sis Yemmie
    Agree re: Notebooks are so essiential'
    I am always writing lists LOL
    Re: My sons bag...LOL @'Designer toh badt!'
    Dont try the boy oh. I can see you are jealous abi...go and buy your own Toy Story bag LOL

    Thanks. Red is my fave bag
    LOL @'Want to be as organised as you when I grow up'
    My brother in law says I have OCD...LOL
    Re: Buzz Lightyear rocks....Gbam... I can see you have good taste. LOL
    Re: My bag...I got this one (and a black one) on sale from John Lewis approx 5 years ago. It was initially a baby bag (nappies, changing mat, food warmer etc); then it became a school bag when I went back to school and then it became a work bag) LOL

    You sef...I didnt want to trouble you oh
    Abeg, ejo, forgive me
    I will tag you for the next one - What's in your fridge? LOL
    Just kidding
    Hope all is well with all of you?
    Have a blessed weekend

    Hey !!!!
    My personal person don land. Shiooo ....wetin bin happen now?
    Ehen re: 'as long as a lot of us are sincere' Before you expect babes to post their tear tear bag before? shioooo.....Abeg arrange house quick quick...visitor dey door oh ! LOL

    Seriously though, this is my real bag. However, I threw away all the shameful rubbish I found at the bottom (tissues, half eaten bag of nuts etc) LOL

    PS - Why you dey carry shower cap and slippers? Do tell. LOL

    Re: 'kolobi' Apologies, apologisa, apoloG LOL
    Have a good weekend...and welcome back.

  25. @Adiya
    LOL @'You almost got me there'
    Thanks re: my has gone through several phases - baby bag, school bag and now bag LOL
    Yes oh..I try to keep stuff seperate...or else it can get a bit messy and overwhelming i.e. weekends, I try not to touch the work USB and note book etc
    Give it a go

  26. Lol your first bag was so funny.

    I liked the contrast, how a child is all about food and yours showed a few of the things you have to deal with in life :)

  27. @MsJB
    The first bag is actually my first choice LOl
    Thanks for dropping by

  28. lol bag posts reminds me of lagbaja gra gra video when basket mouth was chatting up that lady @ the end and he threw her bag to the floor...nails, roast corn and some other orishirishi was in her bag...hehe

  29. @Anon:
    Una go kill person with laughter lollll

    The most amusing bag I have seen belonged to someone I did business with long time ago:
    He was a salesman who carried a briefcase around.

    One day, after a long discussion, I asked him for a pen to sign something. As he opened his briefcase slightly to get one; I spied 2 small wraps of Ogbono and crayfish in the briefcase.

    Giggling, I drew his attention to it and he answered 'I no go chop? your fault wey you no find wife for me'

    Needless to say, I almost died of laughter
    Thanks for dropping by

  30. Bardzo fajnie napisane. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.


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