Monday, 30 May 2011

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

I was tidying up today and I came across a bunch of old pictures I had kept aside to be organised later. These pictures dated back to when my first son was born - over a decade ago

Needless to say, I got distracted and I started going through all the pictures - Before I knew it, I was weeping silently.

I wept because I realised one thing - IT HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN EASY..... BUT IT HAS BEEN.

Let me explain....:

There have been times when the kids have needed something and we have not been sure if we would be able to deliver. Such challenges could have distracted us from doing the right thing. However, by the grace of God, with good health and hard work, we delivered. It was not easy.....but it came to be.

There have been times when there have been so many commitments. Such challenges could have distracted one from the dreams one had for our home. However, with perseverance and God's blessings, we have delivered. It was not easy but it came to be

There have been times when ill-health have shaken the foundation we sought to build..We felt besieged and afraid as were almost distracted from our personal and professional dreams. However, with prayers and support from close ones, we recovered. It was not easy but it came to be

How easy is it to throw your hands up in the air and give up on life, friends, family and dreams? So easy....but we don't because we have hope that things will get better. The irony of life is that even when we are at death's door...we are still works in progress....still seeking perfection. WE ALL HANG ON TO HOPE !

Yes, as I looked at my kid's old pictures, I shed tears because it would have been so easy to have overlooked key milestones and said 'It doesn't matter'. However, when I look back, I now see that every struggle, sacrifice and effort was worth it. How can I tell?.............because I cannot go back in time and change anything.

One quote that I love is Rose Tremain's "Life is not a dress rehearsal." Whatever is worth doing - is worth doing well.

The video below is one of my all time favourites - 'REM's 'Everybody Hurts'. If you are hurting right now, please hang on. If someone you know is hurting...please help them hang on.....Hang on to life and hope !

Have a blessed week


  1. So sincere, and beautiful!

  2. Naijamum!!!>... it's like u reside in my head... I love your posts, cant say that enough. I tell myself all the time "God never forsakes His own, for Him to have seen me this far, He will never leave". Life isn't easy at all....... even for those who have it all, there is always something.

  3. Awww this is such a sweet sincere post. I am glad you are at a point where u can look back at your past and be thankful for how far you have come since then :)

  4. @Boma
    Thanks for the comment
    I have popped you on my blogroll and I will surely be coming round from time to time
    Have a blessed week

    Thanks so much for the compliment
    *Nodding my head* re:"God never forsakes His own'
    Amen to that
    Truly, life is not easy
    It is one chaollenge after another
    However, the faithful and strong are always victorious.
    Stay strong

    Thanks for the compliment K.
    It is good to look back once in a while or one forgets all the good things that have happened - and concentrates on only the bad/ challenges to come.
    Have a good week

  5. mehn, i was saying this to a lady in church the other day, i feel like i have a free joker card with God.. because I have him no matter how tough the going gets I know I can look up to him, i can bow at his throne and I can cry to him and he will help me and will see me through. Thank God for hindsight o, because he helps us realise he was there for us and always will be. xxx

  6. Makes me think about my mum and the wonderful things she has done.
    we can only continue to pray for God's grace and blessings in our lifes

  7. Life is not a dress truer words. You are a blessed woman NaijaMum and thank you for sharing.....especially the song!!!!! its been a long time since I last heard it :)

  8. @Nikkisho
    Glad you thought about your mum.
    Amen to your prayer.
    Thanks for dropping by
    Do have a nice week

    Thanks for the compliment.
    Glad you loved the song also. It's one of my all time faves
    Have a blessed week

  9. This post made me to appreciate my parents the more and hope someday my own kids would do the same....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING (((HUGS))

  10. Ibhade took the words from my mouth. Thank you for sharing. This post made me reflect and thank God for all He has done.

  11. The post's said it. Thanks for sharing a truly inspiring bit of you. P.S,I love that song.

  12. Oh wow NaijaMum! God is truly help to those who need Him, when they need Him most! I thank GOd for you for how far He's brought you and your family. What a reason to rejoice - to look back and say "It wasn't always easy, but it came to be". May you always have reason to look back and glorify Him for where He's brought you to. Thanks so much for sharing. xoxox

  13. One thing I know is that God always comes through for us in the greatest time of need. I thank God for keeping you and your family through all these years. It is just by His grace

  14. @Ibhade:
    I'm glad this post made you think of your parents.
    RE 'hope someday my own kids would do the same'...We can only do our best and pray that happens abi
    Thanks for dropping by again and again
    Much appreciated.

    Abeg thank God oh...It is so easy to complain, complain, complain. I often forget to reflect and recognise the good things that have happened.
    Have a good week

    Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you liked the post. I went over to your blog and I'm now 'stalking' you :)))
    Have a great week

    My sistah.....*nodding my head* re 'God is truly help to those who need Him, when they need Him most!'
    As my people will say - 'Na God dey drive fly for cow wey no get tail'
    Thank you for your lovely prayer. I claim it hundredfold :))))
    I thank God for you and your family also. May the faith and hope you have in Him see you through life's challenges and raise you to heights beyond your wildest dreams. Amen and Amen.

  15. this is so heart warming. sometimes, it's like everything goes wrong at the same time and there's no way out but somehow God sees us through it.
    really nice, God bless you for sharing

  16. this is such a sweet post.
    It's one of the fears most people have before having children, they constantly battle with the fear of being able to provide for them and meet their needs. It was definitely something my husband and I talk about shortly after we got married. We since realised that you can only plan and prepare so much, it gets to a point where you've just got to trust the Lord to meet your needs.

  17. Thanks for sharing this reminder, you've put things in perspective for me. Hmm...

  18. "Before I knew it, I was weeping silently".....that hit me.
    Very emotional post....
    makes me realise the constancy in the faithfulness of God.
    may you always have reasons to shed TEARS OF JOY AND APPRECIATION.
    thanks for sharing..yours is an evidence that God will be there for me all the way through...


  19. @Dosh:
    *Nodding my head* re: 'sometimes, it's like everything goes wrong at the same time.....' That's when we realise we are only human.
    I read your post about your aunt and I could tell you were hurting. Hang on sweetheart and believe she has gone to a better place

    @ msluffa
    Thanks for the compliment
    Totally agree re: 'We since realised that you can only plan and prepare so much, it gets to a point where you've just got to trust the Lord to meet your needs'
    I culdnt put it better myself - and I wont try to :))))
    All we can do - as humans and parents - is to do our best and leave the rest.
    Hope all is well

    Thanks for thanking me....and dropping by
    Yes, we all need to ' put things in perspective' once in a while.
    Hope you are feeling better
    Have a fab week

    Yes oh...I was quite emotional when I wrote this
    As you said 'the constancy in the faithfulness of God' immense
    Amen and amen to your delighful prayer
    May you also shed TEARS OF JOY AND APPRECIATION. Amen and amen
    RE: My page's new look...Glad you like it. I needed something 'spring like' :))

    Have a blessed week

  20. Had things been easier, our dependence on God would have decreased....if that makes sense. Thank God for His faithfulness, and for bringing things to pass according to His Word. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your words of encouragement. May God continue to bless you and yours IJN xx

  21. awwwww.... I'm inspired, yet again.
    I doubt that we would value the morning, if we didn't have to go through the night. Thank you. May God keep you and continue to give you reasons to smile.
    Thanks again for being there for me.
    Signed, Your self imposed sister

  22. It is past midnight here and i stumbled on this post. I am so glad. I am going through a challenging patch right now and reading your testimony has renewed my hope. Things might not be easy right now but with God, determination, perseverance and hardwork things will come to be. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I'm so glad that you've come through your difficulties and can now reflect on them. I don't wish difficult times on anyone but unfortunately they are a part of life and it helps us realise how fortunate and appreciate how great life can be we are when things work and everything is going well (which is also a part of life).

    This is a great, insightful post :)

  24. This post made me go down memory line too!
    Each picture has a story. I know that feeling.

    Life is not a dress rehearsal at all!

  25. @Joxy
    Totally agree re: 'Had things been easier, our dependence on God would have decreased'
    Of course..that makes so much sense. It is only when you are deprived of sleep you remember how wonderful a good night's sleep can be..!
    Thank you for stopping by.
    I hope you are bearing up well.
    Thank you for the lovely prayer. I wish infinite blessings now and forever. Amen.

    Sis wo?
    (That's practically all the Yoruba I know oh LOL)
    True true re 'I doubt that we would value the morning, if we didn't have to go through the night' Couldnt put it better myself
    Amen and amen to your prayers. I claim it quick quick.
    May the good lord continue to give you cause to laugh and smile...EVERYDAY!
    Amen and Amen
    PS - LOL @'Your self imposed sister'
    U no go kill person

    I'm so happy to hear that this post has helped in some way.
    It shall be well IJN.
    Believe me, when I recall all the times the Lord has intervened in my life - and I read testimonies...I KNOW THAT MY FAITH IS NOT IN VAIN.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I pray that this cup shall pass and you shall look back on these days and smile. Amen

    Thanks so much my sister.
    Self-reflection is an invaluable part of self-development. One needs to look back from time to time - to realise how far we have travelled.
    Thanks so much for dropping by

    Totally agree re:'made me go down memory lane'
    I hope you found cause to be grateful?
    thanks for dropping by.
    I'm off to your blog now

  26. This is sooo inspiring and encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing this!


  27. @Adiya:
    I'm glad it touched you.
    How are you?
    Hope all is well?
    Have a great weekend

  28. Awww this is beautiful!!! Yup life won't always be easy but we'll get through by the grace of God...just what I needed!

  29. So sincere and heart warming. The music complemented it too. Great write up indeed!
    Thanks for sharing!


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