Saturday, 4 June 2011

General Housekeeping

This is just a quick post to say that I have made some changes to my blog title etc

I keep on getting emails asking whether I am the Naijamum / 9jamom who said this or the other - so I wish to make things simpler by using the acronym N.I.L (Naijamum in London)

Hope this clarifies things

Back soon


  1. Naija mum now N.I.L not nil though,lol.....

    No wonder,I just saw N.I.L. on someone's blog I was going thro and was curiously asking myself if more Naija mums D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣ ‎spring up on blogsville.

    Btw: so you're different from the other Naija mum I see on some blogs?

    Nice,you've truly re-branded, cool colours,new label and layout etc. Catch ya and lovely weekend ma'​​​am :D

  2. @Enybees:
    LOL ....RE: 'NIL':...You be real wahala woman.
    Yes oh..I no be NIL for better things BUT I say NIL to bad things.
    Hope you are having a blessed weekend

  3. ok sis...get the the new outlook......have a nice weekend ;)

  4. @Sis Yemmie:
    Thanks sis

    Gbam.....we go see later. Greet dem oh..:)))

  5. LOl exactly my predicament :)The N.I.L is cool tho.
    I saw your comment on my blog about you adding me to your blog roll so you can be able to find me easily. I was like omg and I'm just about to edit my blog ad. I had to remove the "Ms" cos some peeps said it makes it harder. Sorry for any inconveniences :)

  6. @MsJB
    I shall check back on you to see what your new name will be
    Hope you have a nice weekend

    @ Sting
    Thanks sistah
    Re: 'Is there a 9jamum?'
    To be honest, I havent checked but I keep on getting emails asking if I am the one who said this or commented here and there.
    After a while, it got a bit much so I thought I should make a distinction.
    Hope you are well??

    Hope all is well with you?
    have a great weekend

  7. Love the new background. And I noticed the name change on my blog.

  8. Yes, o. My one and only NIL. I like the new look. but honestly, I loved the green too. You are the only 'green' blogger I knew (all pun intended).
    Take care and have a great rest of the weekend!

  9. yayy N.I.L and refreshing new page layout.

  10. Love the new look!

  11. i love the new :)

  12. @Blessing
    Thanks a lot
    Hope all is well with you

    Thanks sistah
    Loving your recent posts on blogging

    LOL @'My one and only NIL'
    You too...I cant even go shopping for ginger now - without thinking about your blog. Quite worrying :)))
    Re: 'I loved the green too' I'm sure I'll have it back sometime soon. I just like fiddling with the colours from time to time :))

    Glad you like it
    How are you my dear sistah
    I hope all is well. Have a blessed weekend

    Thanks B.B (Boma Brown) :)))
    Hope all is well with you
    Thanks for dropping by

    Thanks Nikki
    I hope all is well with you this weekend
    Thanks for dropping by


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