Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Naija-British Drama

A new Naija-British drama is launching in the UK and US this Sunday 26th June 2011 - titled MEET THE ADEBANJOS

Watch the trailer here:

And here's some behind-the-scenes footage:
You can sign up to the mailing list NOW So You Can Receive A Password to watch for FREE!!
I sincerely wish them the best of luck...I'll definitely be watching :)


  1. Fantastic news! I MUST MUST MUST watch this

  2. Wonderful....puts 9ja in a positive light i hope.

  3. oooohhhhh, will definitely sky plus this!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. i saw the trailer once and I signed up! Cant wait oh!!!

  5. LOL..nice...N.I.L are u sure u are not in this trailer..I am suspecting you since you dey london..

  6. Already signed up. Nice sturvs...

  7. Oh can't watch this on my phone. If I have an opportunity to do so on a laptop,I sure will ;)

  8. will def sign up. I hope it will turn out good!

  9. @Anon
    Thanks for dropping by

    Yes oh....I really hope it will be good

    @ Pretty Lashes
    No probs Lashes
    Hope all is well with you

    @Sisi Yemmie
    Re: 'I signed up!'
    I trust you. LOL

    @Unveilinggold 'I am suspecting you since you dey london'
    You sef....okay, let me confess..........
    They couldnt pay me enough so I had to opt for the new James Bond movie LOL
    You sef...*shaking my head* LOL

    @Myne Whitman
    You don come again with grammer
    'Sturvs' gini LOL
    I had to google sturvs to know what it meant LOL Anyway, thanks for the compliment...I think. LOL

    Please watch oh
    I'm sure there'll be loads of discussions about this soon
    Hope you are well

    Trust you. LOL
    Hope you are well
    Take goooooood care of yourself.
    XOXOXOXO (big hugs and kisses)

    *Nodding* re 'I hope it will turn out good!'
    I'm praying oh
    The population of Nigeria in the UK alone is enough to be running 'tings'

    Yes re 'Looks very interesting'
    Do sign up
    Hope all is well with you

  10. wowww,definitely a must watch,yhu for do them charity nah,yhu sef,"rme".

  11. I don't know why I am not feeling the comedy. I am loving the cast 'out of character' than in character (shrugs)
    For Nigeria's sake, I'll be rooting for their success.

  12. @gretel
    LOL @ 'yhu for do them charity nah'
    My name no be Charity at all, at all LOL
    Thanks for dropping by

    I understand what you mean about them 'out of character'
    It might be the script needs to be more natural ??
    Like you said, I'll be watching 'cos I'm all for Naija talent

  13. LOL @ you bring me funeral flowers on our engagement!

  14. Looks funny, but hope they don't overdo it and end up making Nigerians look stupid.

  15. @Angelsbeauty.
    LOL...That was my fave part too
    Typical isnt it? LOL

    Yes oh...I'm hoping they manage to deliver without making caricatures of the characters
    Thanks sis

  16. I watched last sunday and it was quite good actually.... I enjoyed it and even showed MUM and Sis...

    I am glad that dont jealous me guy is there...

    Funny sturvs..

    Rooting for Naija all the way...

  17. @Daughter of Her King:
    *High Five* re: 'rooting for Naija all the way'

    Thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated


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