Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Sunshine Awards

Thank you to Myne , Ibhade and Yellow Sisi for this lovely award. Much appreciated !

As it has been raining in London for three days - yes, three days........ this has brought some welcome sunshine my way

Well, I am now expected to name 10 blogs that bring sunshine into my life. THIS IS NOT EASY AT ALL, AT ALL !!!!!
I feel like I have been asked to choose my favourite child........How is that possible? *confused look*

*Deep sigh*.......................Anyway, I have decided to break the rules and highlight 30 blogs. This is only fair seeing I was nominated by 3 people *sly smile* So, here are the 30 blogs that I would ask anyone new to blogging to check out .................and why.

(1) IBHADE - She keeps it real. No effizzy, white-washing or sugar coating. If you want a honest potrayal of what the average mother in Nigeria has to face daily, visit her blog. Intelligence with a dose of native common sense. She is a brave woman. Her kids are really lucky to have such a role model

(2) MYNE - A writer who nurtures other writers is a rarity. Her blog is a showcase for unpublished, young Nigerian writers. Makes one realise how much talent Nigeria has.

(3) YELLOW SISI - A gentle Christian who invites you in to share her spiritual journey. Her blog always makes me smile and her messages are always on point.

(4) LINDA IKEJI - Hot gist spot. If you want to get the latest Naija gist....go here. However, before you enter, please have some water close-by because the fiery comments left by some of her readers will leave you gasping for breath. LOL

(5) 9ja FOODIE - If she was a musician, I would be her groupie. No lie. Her passion for food really shines through

(6) GINGER - Always something interesting to read. I am loving her 'This is Oyinboland' series. Her inquisitive mind will take her far.

(7) JOXY - A brave woman who knows how to make lemonade when handed lemons. Read and find out what I mean...............................

(8) NEWLYWED - I must admit that when I first came across this blog I thought it was going to be full of mushy-mushy stuff i.e. 'Day 1 - I love him'...........;'Day 2 - I still love him.........;'Day 3 - He loves me more' etc. LOL         However, she has proven to be a brave writer. Her posts on 'Uterine Fibroids' are a must read for black women

(9) GBEMI - It is very rare to meet someone who is not afraid to say 'I am talented and I know it' - while still sharing her vulnerability with us all. Talented and sweet. My only issue with her right now is I need to see more of her designs.....!

(10) ADURA - A restless creative. I always feel like she's got so much bubbling in her head - and if not for societal constraints - she would be one of those hippy creatives writing all day. LOL. 

(11) PRISM - I think of her as a creative onion - artist, writer, budding fashion designer ....... So many layers around a really warm heart.

(12) BLESSING - A young woman who is finding her way through life and has allowed us share her journey. Thank you

(13) KITKAT - A young voice with a lot to say. I like her sense of humour. Even though I know she hates the word 'cute'...I think she IS cute.

(14) SIS YEMMIE - Really funny and refreshing. She always makes me laugh

(15) THE CORNER SHOP - This blog features small scale Naija entrepreneurs. Great to see Naija peeps doing 'tings' despite PHCN, no bank loans etc etc

(16) ILOLA - My fiesty Christain who gives as good as she gets.

(17) STING - The name says it all. Not one to back away from a fight. LOL

(18)  ANGELS' BEAUTY - Like Blessing, I feel like I am privy to her life journey. Bon voyage

(19) NUTRITIONALERT - A very informative health and nutrition site. It would be interesting to see a 9ja Foodie and Nutritionalert collaboration..........mmmmm *stroking my chin*

(20) PET - Funny and lively...the only human being I know who eats plantain and bread ! LOL

(21) HONEYDAME - Totally free-style and funny - like laughing gas on a rollercoaster. LOL

(22) CHIZZY D - Young Christain adventurer. It'll be interesting to what she discovers

(23) IBILUV - Unashamedly saucy and naughty. I like to call her blog a 'tourist destination'. Sneak there at least once......I promise I wont tell. LOL

(24) DOYIN - Christain messages peppered with humour

(25) NGO - Interesting to see Naija through the eyes of someone who is discovering more about the country.

(26) VICKII - Great baking recipes accompanied by lovely posts.

(27) LUFFA - Thought provoking and insightful. A great read everytime

(28) LASHES - An accountant who is witty and expressive..doesn't come around often. LOL

(29) BOMA - A fashion blog that doesn't bore me

(30) GUYS who provide a refreshing male point of view: GBENGATOBIT-NOTESSTRONGEMEKA,  

Disclaimer: If I have failed to mention yours, please forgive me and direct your anger at whoever is closest to you right now. LOL. Seriously though, I mean no offence


  1. aww....thx....i too would like to know what i discover and where i will be in about 5 years. This is a very interesting period in my life and it absolutely scares me.

  2. This is awesome, thanks for noting me, and the notes on other kept me smiling all through.

  3. Awww thanks for the mention and definitely loving the list so checking out these blogs i never read/heard of soon :)

  4. I won't direct my anger at no one cos I ​​​am NOT angry,I just L♥√ع the way ‎​you outlined each person's way of blogging. For those I follow like Myne, Ibhade, Sisi Yemmie, Chizzy etc I really agree with ‎​you.

  5. And I smile and LOL N.I.L will check out some of the blogs and follow as well

  6. LOL@ur disclaimer :))
    9ice one

  7. Niiice! New blogs for me to stalk :) (rubs palms together). Indeed I love Ibhade's blog very much and the others I've been to.
    Happy new week!

  8. OOOO NIL... you have done well!! lol...awww thanks much for the nudge, what you said is too funny. lol. You Rock my world, honestly!

  9. Aw NIL, thanks so much for the shout out, never saw it that way before, but your description absolutely rocks. P.s. Love your blog xx.

  10. Thanks so much for appreciating me. I also appreciate you and your posts.

  11. Oh NIL, forgot to say thank you for the award :), I blame the omission on this our incessant rain!

  12. :) thanks for the shout out..

    i love these things, it helps me discover new blogs to stalk :p

  13. Thanks for tagging me. LOL at what you said about comments on Linda Ikeji's blog. It's so true.

  14. Aww shucks Sweetheart m, anyanwu m, dalu. but ehh, Me..Inquisitive ati curious hmmmm, may it take me far beyond and opposite the cat's direction lol.

    Loving your witty description of Prism, Honeydame and

    p.s. You have not tried dodo and bread before? It is the ish ;). you're missing. Try it. Today. More reason to like PET.

    Come o let me confess, this post came in yesterday when I was in the middle of one hot assignment, because you used white for the bloggers' names it appeared blank in the mail. I was thinking chai, trust NIL to give her readers 'fill in the blank' post. lol.

    Have a blessed week.

  15. Congratulations...many more sunshine in your life.

  16. @Chizzy D
    You're welcome. Re: 'it scares me'.....I still get scared. It's a good sign that indicates you really want to make a mark. Trust in God and do your best is all you can do

    @ Myne
    No probs M. You deserve it
    Hope you are enjoying your break. I am soooooo jealous :)))

    @ Yellow Sisi
    Hope you check out the other blogs and the ones on my blog list. So much talent out there

    I beg oh. Forgive me. I was torn between soo many blogs. Like I said, it was like asking me to choose a favourite child. Not done. LOL

  17. @enybees-hub
    Please check the other blogs on my blog list. Tings dey happen out there.
    Have a blessed week

    *deep sigh*......*PHEW*
    Thank God...I thought you'd be upset with me.
    Hope all is well with you

    Yes'New blogs for me to stalk' :)))
    Have a blessed, peaceful week

    @ 9jaFOODie
    Thanks so much. I'm glad you're glad.
    hard work should always be recognised
    Have a blessed week.

  18. @MsNana
    Hello...I do believe this is the first time I've seen your name here???
    That's how I get to know about new blogs so I'll def be checking your blog out.

    Thanks so much for the compliments
    Really, really appreciated
    Hope you are well?
    Have a blessed week

    No problems. Hope all is well with you.
    Do have a blessed week

    @joxy really dont need to thank me :)))
    As for this rain....! *^"@ this &*"@ed weather is all I can say.
    I cant even get my laundry done properly. *seething*
    Anyway, let's wish for a better week

    No probs....Do stalk these blogs - and the ones on my bloglist. So much talent out there

    @ Boma
    My pleasure
    Hope all is well with you
    Do have a nice week

    My pleasure P.
    Re. Linda's so i see am oh. The comments attract even more readers than the posts LOL

    LOL @ 'Inquisitive ati curious'
    Yes a good way. Def not like the cat LOL
    Dodo and bread????? You people must have been boarders becos they're the only people I know who eat wierd combinations LOL
    The thought alone of those two together is already giving me constipation LOL

    LOL @' trust NIL to give her readers 'fill in the blank'.....I'm not that bad LOL

    Do have a blessed, peaceful week

    Hope all is well with you
    I wish you sunshine in your life too.
    have a blessed week

  19. Yay!! Thanks for the tag! I came over here to tell you you've been tagged and i saw this! thanks! And you've been tagged lol!


  20. I've witty AND expressive?????

    My NaijaMum, you're too much!


  21. Thanks NIL...glad you find my blog "peppered with humour"

    Will check out some of your faves too...

  22. I already read some of the blogs you mentioned and I look forward to visiting the others.

    You've got a great thing going here on your blog. Well done and keep it up!

  23. Thanks for the list! You rock!

  24. LOOL! thanks for tagging me and u deserve the award yourself :)

  25. awwww...
    Thanks for the mention. I promise to put up my work henceforth :o)

    Your self imposed sister

  26. ye pa! lol.....I didn't know my troublesome ways are apparent through my posts. My family would laugh and shake their heads if they ever saw what u wrote. Thanks for the award :)

  27. Restless creative...LOL. I'm afraid you've got me down to a 'T'. I'm certainly restless and I do my best to 'create', lol. I'm a Naija hippie for real!

    Thanks for the award. It's nice to know that my blog brings some warmth in this cold obodo oyinbo wey we dey. Your blog is a bright ray of sunshine any day.

  28. Congrats on your award. Choi, me sef I want award.

  29. awww....thanks!!! I feel special :):):)

  30. Thank you my dear sistah...pardon me for coming LATE are definitely unique :D

  31. @Adiya
    LOL @'I came over here to tell you you've been tagged and i saw this!'
    Thanks oh
    Hope all is well

    @Pretty Lashes are def witty and expressive
    If people havent told you that already, I'll be surprised!

    @Anoda Phase
    Thanks for dropping by
    Hope you are well.

    Thanks so much for 'Well done and keep it up!'
    Coming from you - real praise :)))
    I really appreciate the kind words

    @Emeka Amakeze
    My homeboy..Kedu
    You deserve to be mentioned because it is rare to see a guy who can express himself sooooo well

  32. @kitkat
    Hello dearie
    Hope all is well with you in Naija
    Abeg chop life well well

    @ Gbemisoke
    Thanks sweetheart
    Please do post some pics of your work. I need to see those beauties again.
    Your self-imposed sister :))))

    @ Madame Sting
    LOL @ 'My family would laugh and shake their heads if they ever saw what u wrote'
    All I will say is:
    Hope you are well

    @Adura Ojo
    My 'Naija Hippie' LOL
    Hope all is well
    Please keep the creativity alive - it's what makes you unique.
    Thanks for the lovely, lovely compliment. From means a lot :)))
    Hope all is well with you

  33. @mykey
    LOL @'Choi, me sef I want award'
    You will def get one LOL

    Take care sweetie

    Dont bother about LATE jo
    With kids, work, hubby etc's a miracle we can even get time to use a computer. LOL
    Hope you are well

  34. OMG.
    i cant believe im just seeing this. thanks ma, I appreciate it.

  35. i know im a day late and a dollar short but thanks for the award and being interested in my insight lol. *big hug*


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