Monday, 15 November 2010

Certified Agbaya loves TINIE TEMPAH..................!

One of the things I love about life is discovering new things - food, music, shops, books...whatever. As a certified agbaya (someone who refuses to grow old); I find that my kids, numerous nieces, nephews and god-children are always asking me....'Have you heard this song by......?'

My son drew my attention to TINIE TEMPAH and I am loving his music.

He is a London born Nigerian and he is doing great things - he has performed at Glastonbury (big music festival here); addressed the Student Union at Oxford University and collaborated with Snoop Dogg, P Diddy and others

Best of all, like a true Naija, he believes in the power of education saying: "I definitely want to be in a financial position where I can head off to Cambridge or Oxford or somewhere. I would study something like music management or something extremely random like physics, which no-one would expect, as I like challenges.''

Mmmm...I have a listen and let me know what you think:

(1) WRITTEN IN THE STARS..........

(2) PASS OUT. .....this was his first break out tune and the beat is 'sickkkkk' (my son's words for fantastic)
Seriously, whenever this comes on, we all start dancing...even my boys stop whatever fight they are having at that moment to dance....!

......and PASS OUT live at Glastonbury (Summer 2010) with Snoop D


  1. I couldn't see the first cos of country copyright issues. But I enjoyed the second. Both the video and song are really good. The guy is talented.

  2. Agree Myne.
    I'm hoping he maintains this standard and I believe he has more great things to offer
    (if drugs and women do not prove a distraction)!
    Do spread the word about his talent......!

  3. lol @ certified abaya...

    me,i don't know anything about music, expect films, which i had passed on to my kids, maybe when they are older, they would begin to teach me like us huh?

  4. @Nitty:
    No worry
    I didnt really pay attention to a lot of stuff for a while but I have to now - so that I can 'flow' with my boys

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