Thursday, 11 November 2010

Spaghetti and Shaki

My three boys make me laugh continously and it really is never a dull moment when they are around.

I shall now introduce you to them:
     First -      Prof1(beacause his primary concern is reading more and even more............)
     Second - Cool2 (because his primary concern is looking cool...............)
     Last -      Blanket3 (because his primary concern is making sure I am seated comfortably so he can sit on my lap 24/7................).

First and second are over 8 years old and the last is under 6

And before I forget, I'll call my hubby YL (stands for young love........awwww <grin>)

Now, as a mum, one of the things that really frustrates me is getting them all to agree on what they want to eat. As we constantly alternate between naija and western food, this makes it an even bigger issue.

Here is a typical pre-meal conversation:

Prof1 walks into the kitchen and asks................'Mummy, what are we having for dinner ?'
Me: 'Spaghetti'
Cool2: 'Yaaay! I love spaghetti. Thanks mum!' and he comes over and gives me a kiss
Prof1: 'Thanks mum'
.............Silence follows as they all leave the kitchen.
After a few seconds, Blanket3 walks in, stands beside me with a frown and with his arms folded across his chest..................
Me: 'What is it, Blanket3?'
Blanket3: 'I HATE spaghetti! It's too wriggly'
Me: 'Well, you have to eat it because I wont make anything else today.'
At this stage I know tears will soon follow.
Blanket3: 'Can you feed me?'
Me: ' are too old to be fed. You are a big boy now so you have to feed yourself!'
He walks out of the kitchen and I can see him sitting down on the couch with a forlorn look.
I refuse to be moved!  
Cool2 then walks in....
Cool2: 'What kind of spaghetti is it?'
Me: 'Spaghetti Bolognese'
Cool2: 'Can I have some shaki and cowleg with it?'
Me: 'NO!'
Cool2: 'Why?'
Me: 'Because shaki and cowleg is not for spaghetti bolognese'
Cool2: 'Why?'
Me: 'Because you have shaki and cowleg with Naija stew or  soup'
Cool2: 'But I like shaki and cow leg................TOO MUCH! I really do.....!'
Me:  (getting frustrated and trying to stay calm while carrying on cooking).....'Yes, I know but not today.' I answer firmly
Cool2 then leaves the kitchen. Prof1 walks in.....At this time, I really am not in the mood for any objections or domestic mutiny.
Me: 'What is it ?!' I ask tensely
Prof1: 'I just wanted to help you cook mum!' he says as he comes to stand beside me and put his head on my shoulder.
I now feel really bad and in my mind I start calling myself a real b*"^ch!

In the end, Prof1 helps out in the kitchen and we get the meal ready together.
I end up giving Cool2 some shaki (from the stew in the fridge) on top of his spaghetti.....and yes, I end up feeding Blanket3!

All round peace....for now.

Oh well, you really have to pick which battles to fight and which to walk away from .......................!


  1. lol...awww...i understand what you went through very well sistah...i have 4kids from 9-2 & they do plan mutiny against me & supported by their dad! They don't like eba, semo, or poundo yam...but can drink tea,eat rice, dodo,eggs & biscuit 24/7! *grinning*...ha! the *joys* of motherhood...regards to them ALL, esp BLANKET 3!..LOL...Last borns are always like that..abi no be last born? [sorry o]..heeheeheee

  2. Abeg na last born Blanket3 be oh......
    Una wan kill person?
    I no fit try again oh.
    I actually had a dream some time ago that I 'tried' for a girl and I had twin boys!! Na cry I come dey cry for hospital (for the dream)
    Thanks for the warm welcome and I look forward to many exchanges

  3. Hahaha, I like Cool2 already, although Prof1 sounds like me at that age, except helping in the kitchen, lol. My mum tire for me. Luckily I'm not the first. Nice one...

  4. cowleg and shaki

    a kid after my heart.....

  5. LOL. Your kids are funny. Don't even have kids yet but the debate of "what to eat" is always on between I & the boo.

    PS: Welcome to blogsville, I see this is your second post. Saw your comment on Nitty Gritty's blog and decided to check your spot.

  6. Lolest. Loving your blog oh so much that it has gone on my blog roll. I saw your comment on a post and thought to find out more. Hope you are loving it!

  7. Thanks Temiville
    Absolutely loving far
    It's a great release
    Also loving your stories. Do keep it up

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  9. Naijamum! In fact I am jealous and I want to be one of your kids right na na (Prof. 1) :) lol! I must appreciate the enormous work that mothers do in the lives of their children. May God continually strengthen you and grant you good health, long life and prosperity. Amen!

  10. @Gbenga
    Thanks for your lovely comments
    I have to say that from what I have seen on your blog, you will surely make someone a great father one day. I pray your efforts are blessed and rewarded endlessly. Amen

  11. I love this post!
    First time here, and I'm loving it!

    Your kids sound adorable! I'm so happy for you! Not many kids would offer to help out in the kitchen. You're really blessed!
    Good job on the blog!

    Follow me:

  12. Thanks Tobi
    I'm hoping they continue to be as sweet as they are right now...!


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