Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Real Nigerian Family Life Portrayed on British Television..................!

A Nigerian family - The Adesinas - are being featured on British television.

The family were filmed around the clock for the Channel 4 observational documentary series, The Family.

The programme makers describe the Adesinas as:

 'A large family living in London. Vicky and her husband Sunday have been married for 30 years. They are traditional Nigerian parents with strong views on God, love and family values, with four British-born children aged from 15 to 27, all living at home'.
'Together they run a family business- a Nigerian takeaway and restaurant. This is the first time in six years that all adult children and parents have lived together and tensions simmer as the streetwise kids collide with their parents' old fashioned ways'.

I watched the first episode and so far, the potrayal has been honest; and the family are really down to earth! I am hoping the programme makers do not misrepresent this family.

To find out more about them, visit:


  1. This sounds interesting, and yay! this is not the BBC so I can see it on the Ch4 website.

    I spoke too soon, I was only able to see the preview. I'll check on Youtube.

  2. Oh dear Myne
    I really hope you get to see this at some point.
    Should be good.....Let me know if you do manage to access the programme

  3. Me likey!'s about time we are seen in the good light...i will check it out.

  4. @Nitty
    Abi oh....the problem really is that the actions of 'yeye Nigerians' overshadows that of the better ones...!

  5. I enjoyed watching the first episode. Hope the positive portayal continues.

  6. @Naijalines:
    Hope so too! I enjoyed watching the affection between mum and dad.
    I recorded the programme and showed it to my kids the next day. They asked me why a 27 year old man was still living at home and playing the 'slapping game'?!
    What do I say ?!!!!!.............

  7. lol @ d slapping game...that's one aspect I don't like or support, even though I know they r only joking with one another...seems expensive to me.

    Other than that, I've enjoyed the series so far, even though the last one, which focused on Ayo the older son, was quite drab...look forward to future episodes.

  8. @JustDoyin
    Agree the 'joke' is not so funny. Looks really dangerous!

  9. Just started watching then on Africa Magic. They are so real.I Love the show!


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