Friday, 3 December 2010

About me

I read a post on Myne Whitman's  blog today and it was quite interesting.

It was all about answering a few questions to give an insight into one’s likes and dislikes. Myne also asked some other bloggers to to do same (answer the questions and then tag other bloggers)

I thought this exercise is a great way to know more about other bloggers while letting others know a little bit more about me at the same time.

So this post will be all about answering those questions. At the end of the post, I have tagged a couple of bloggers I would like to know more about.

If I haven’t tagged you, I would still like to know more about you.

About Naijamum:  
5 Famous people I would like to meet:
I got confused as there are quite a few people I admire.
However, these names came up first and I’ve also included what I would like to ask them:
- Nelson Mandela: Which person do you admire?
- Oprah: How does it feels to be so powerful?
- Tidjane Thiam: How do you feel to be the the first black person to become CEO of a major British company?
- Chinua Achebe: Who is your favourite author?
- Obama: What is your greatest worry?

5 Books that affected me:
Very difficult as I am a bit of a nerd, but apart from the BIBLE, these five are unforgettable:
- Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe: The language was so vivid
- Jagua Nana by Cyprain Ekwensi: Everything about Jagua Nana was so new to me
- To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee: Gave me an insight into racism
- Roots by Alex Haley: Made me realise what slavery was all about
- Rosa Lee by Leon Dash: It made me understand where guests on Jerry Springer came from

5 favourite movies:
Again, this is really difficult but these 5 come to mind as unbeatable:
- The Godfather 1 & 2
- Schindler’s List
- Fargo
- Scarface
- The Usual Suspects
............From these choices, you can tell I am a bit of a tomboy....*smile*

5 things I can't do without:
My top five after my family:
- Good food
- Love
- Movies
- Internet
- Books

5 turn ons
- Confidence
- Thoughtfulness/ Kindness to other people
- Intelligence/ Common sense
- A willingness to learn new things
- Honesty

5 turn offs
- Body odour
- Narrow mindedness
- Holier than though attitude/ Being judgmental
- Being fake (fake accents etc) and ‘effizy behaviour’ (showing off wealth/ pretending to be wealthy)
- Ignorance/ Follow follow

...........So now I tag the following people:

If I haven’t tagged you, I would still like to know more about you. Thank you!
Have a fab weekend.


  1. lol, you dint tag me. should i still say my own?

  2. @Jobs4Naija:
    Abeg no vex oh
    I just wrote down the first 5 that came to mind
    As u can see u're on my blogroll so I will definitely love to hear from you......I'm waiting oh!

  3. thanks for the tag...I'll try and get round to it asap...cheers mama 3. lol.

  4. Thanks for tagging me, I enjoyed participating! I see we have some things in common such as confidence being a turn on and ignorance being a turn off. I do not like small minded people who base all of their assumptions off of stereotypes!

  5. @JustDoyin:
    No problems. I will be waiting....
    Have a blessed weekend

    Glad you enjoyed taking part. Totally agree about small minded people - I have to confess that I avoid such people!

  6. I'm loving your list of things you can't do without;)

    Mandela and Oprah are two of my favourite people too.

  7. I'm actually on a read-all-of-naija-mum-in-london-posts project at the moment & im having so much fun. *hope my boss doesn't catch me*

  8. *whispering*
    Welcome my dear,
    I hope your boss doesnt catch you too
    However if he does, tell him its 'research' LOl


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