Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Doggy Saga

My kids have come again!

This time the youngest one has been asking for a dog............A dog?
I have told him again and again that we cannot have a dog in this house because I am allergic to dogs.

The truth is, I am not really allergic to dogs but there is nothing I find more unappealing than a dog sharing the same living space as me –  pooping on my rug, licking my face or having its muddy paws on my bed. Yuck.

I apologise to all dog lovers out there but the only way I can ever have a dog in my household is if the dog gets to stay in its own dog-house (in the yard/garden). However, as the weather here is not really conducive to a dog being left outside all the time; this is not an option at all.

Again, I know that most of the day-to-day care of the dog (walks, training, vet visits etc) will eventually be added to my long list of 'mummy duties'. So a definite NO has been my answer - Dog ko, Kitten ni!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, my youngest – Blanket3 – has been asking for a dog since last year and I have refused emphatically. His requests have now become more frequent and I do believe the boy is beginning to dislike me. *smile*

What makes matters worse is that we are surrounded by neighbours who own dogs and every time he sees one of them walking their dog, he gives me this accusatory look as if ‘You witch. You don’t want me to be happy abi?

My hubby doesn’t even help matters because as usual, he uses me as an excuse to avoid unpopular decisions. So, whenever Blanket3 asks him about getting a dog, he will say ‘Sorry, you know your mum is allergic to dogs.’ ...............wimp!

To cut a long story; the boy finally got fed up. Earlier this week, he came into my room as I was getting ready for bed and said he wanted to have a word. I sat down on the bed to listen because I really thought someone had upset him:

Blanket 3: (sitting down beside me) ‘Mummy, you know I love you?’
Me: (feeling extra special) ‘I love you too baby’
Blanket3: (smiling) ‘Mummy, I want to buy you a house’
Me: (feeling extra extra special) ‘ Awwww, thank you my baby. May God bless you. I know you will take care of me when I am old.’
Blanket3: (sighing) ‘No mummy, I want to buy you a house NOW!.
Me: (confused) ‘Now? Don’t you like this house? Do you want to live in a new house?’
Blanket3: (with his very serious face and voice) ‘I like this house. I just want to get you a new house so you can go and live there!'
Me: (thoroughly confused) ‘Why...................?’
Blanket3: (even more very seriously) ‘Because you said you are allergic to doggy and I want my doggy to live here. You can go and live in the new house’

I am so shocked that this small boy (who is not yet 6 years old) can even consider putting a dog before me that I am speechless as he gets off my bed and walks off......He then stops, looks back at me and adds: ‘Don’t worry mummy, I’ll come and visit you ............. sometimes.’


I guess this is how old people feel when their kids put them in care homes. I pray I don’t get divorced because this boy will definitely take his dad’s side! *sigh*


  1. lol...ur son is tooo cute!!! I can't believe he tried to kick you out of the house tho! eyah pele

    I don't do dogs I feel you

  2. lmho!...O-T-I-OOOOO!...shio! laughing so hard here oo *coughing*...AMEN TO YOUR PRAYER O...GOD FORBID! *snaps my fingers over my head...heheeeheee...i just don't know what to say....i mean, he prefered the dog?????

    Ok, tell him, if you move, nobody would help him with his laundry, home work, & prepare his breakfast & lunch to school, everyday! Dad would had gone to work & he would be at home all ALONE with his dog!

    I also share the same feelings with you about dogs....hubby bought a German puppy for 20k 2years ago, i was so vexeed & asked him if it's the tiny balcony where i dry clothes & the gen is, we would put the dog? That he is giving me extra work! I am barely able to cope with 4kids [my last born was 6months old then] & you dey bring puppy come join! What about the fleas, ticks, worms find in dogs poo, is he not concerned about his kids getting infected? the time i finish my lecture, he went to give my parents who needed security dog, wetin vex me for the mata na the 20k! Can you imagine how many ankara i go buy ehn? abi bags or shoes sef?!

  3. @Blessing:
    Cute ke? I say the boy is planning to kick me out and you say he's cute? *smile*
    Agreed about dogs, I have enough stress already!

    This men sef! 20k for dog? If you say u wan buy shoe dem go complain! *hiss*

  4. I was laughing so much, I think Blankie is adorable and smart too. See how he worked out the whole thing in his head, lol...

    I don't do dogs or even cats too, though hubby has been making noises. We shall see, maybe he'll divorce me for the dog eh? LOL...

  5. @Myne:
    True he is adorable but he is a calculating so-and-so! *laugh*
    I admire his smartness though
    Hope you are having a great time in Naija.

  6. Kids say the darndest things don't they? Although having your own house to escape the kids and husband doesn't sound all that bad lol! If it were only that simple!

  7. bua ha ha! I nearly woke my hubby up with roaring lafta...this Blanket is 3 funny...what a smart young man...check out his logic! ROTFL.

    I don't like dogs enof to keep them myself, so I understand how strongly you feel about letting him keep one.

  8. @ Dominique
    Totally agree that having a house to escape to would be nice -although I know they'll still be coming over for food!

    The boy is real comedian and he has wisdom beyond his years. Thanks for dropping in. I went over to your blog and I loved its inspirational messages. Good job.

  9. You know most kids do not have that much of a concept of other people's feelings at that age. It's funny though:) All that innocence, no sugar coating.

    How did I miss all these posts? Guess I must be really behind in my blog rounds.

  10. I know!
    I love their innocence and the way they say things as they see it.
    I wish adults were more like that!
    BTW - we are still on this case *sigh*

  11. LWKMD. This is hilarious, ur son is so cute!

  12. @Ope
    I like the way you guys think it's cute that my son chooses a dog over me LOL
    I'll tell him he has a new auntie who likes him :)))

  13. loool @ your son choosing a dog over you. Not cute at all - totally hilariously darling! hehehehe. poor baby he wants a dog so bad. I'm racking my brain for an alternative but I can't find any. Maybe a pet mouse?


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