Thursday, 9 December 2010

Big Man Abroad

A Pidgin English poem inspired by some Naija boys in London:

I no fit tell you
The things wey I don do
Since I leave there,
To come here
To this land of Oyinbo.

I no fit tell una
The places wey I don waka,
Or the insult wey I don hear
Since I land here
For this land of Oyinbo.

I no fit even try
Tell you how I don cry
When I remember
How Naija dey groove for December
Unlike this land of Oyinbo.

But I no fit complain
Because na me carry myself enter plane
With my fine, fine dress
As I come find progress
For this land of Oyinbo.

In fact, I fit tell you say since I land
For this nonsense England,
My brother don fit finish school
And my people fit chop belle-ful
Becos of money from land of Oyinbo.

I fit even tell you say because of my sweat,
My papa don build big house with inside toilet
And all the people for village
Come dey pay am homage
Because im get son wey be big man for land of Oyinbo.

But I get to hala
My dear sister and brother
Because I don tire
For this my lonely waka
For this land of Oyinbo

I true true wan return home
But I dey fear to come
Because una fit laugh me
When una finally see
Say I really be small man from land of Oyinbo.

by Naijamum


  1. LOL! :) Naijamum, una too much!!! "For this Land of Oyinbo."

    BTW, We fit turn am to song o!

  2. OMG, this was good, and unfortunately has a lot of truth....

  3. @Gbenga:
    Thanks so much.
    As for turning it into a song, no shaking - as long as na fine boy like Naeto C dey sing am :)

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm jogging over to your blog now.........*huff* *puff** :)

  4. Looooooooool
    @ Song comment - it has market potential o. Be sure to include a few rap lines and non-Nigerian babes in your music

  5. @Notmad:
    LOL. Abi?
    I must start looking for a guest rapper who will throw in a few token rap lines :)

  6. Laughing seriously ooo!....*cough-cough*... ha! first time to understand poem o. shiooo! so true o! many want to return but are afraid of the mockery. Yes, i have heard how lonely it can be there esp when single. When i travelled, i was told how a friend of my in-law wants to relocate back to 9ja this december becox she is just tired of the life in London & age is not on her side. The comfort is there but the 'energy' is just missing!

  7. hahaha....................
    so true. thats the story of alot of nigerians abroad.
    notmad's strategy for the music is equally on point!

  8. @Nitty:
    eh? you read poem? eh? eh? I am so happy because (1) you read it at all and (b)you liked it.
    Na so we see am for abroad oh. Truth is it is extra difficult if you come over to stay alone - sooo lonely!

    LOL @Notmad's strategy abi? I am always amazed at the number of Non-Naija in our music videos. I still we still have a lot of issues to deal with. *sigh* Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment. I'm off to your blog now.....

  9. @Blessing: Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated

  10. Thanks Seshe
    i'm liking your blog too.
    Much gist dey flow
    More grease to your elbow :)

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