Thursday, 14 July 2011

Please help a sister out

My blog sister Ginger is carrying out research into the effect of Sickle cell disorder on reproductive behavior.
As someone who carries out research, I can confirm that questioning Nigerians in particular (and Africans in general) is not an easy task. So, I would like to ask you all to please, please, please, please help a sister out. ABEG
Please take 20 minutes to complete the SURVEY HERE
*Closing my eyes in prayer and stretching my hands out to you*
As you help, so others will help you
Whatever you seek, you will find
You will be blessed hundredfold.
Amen and amen
Thank you all 

PS - Ginger is not paying me oh. This is investment for when her big bucks start rolling in *smile*


  1. NIL you are such a darling!! I didn't even know I was the focus of the entire post.
    Nwanyioma, Chukwu gozie gi, gozie ezi na ulo gi mmaji kwa mmaji!!

    Oya people, pless your cursor on the link as you receive NIL's prayers and mine!
    Thank you

  2. LOL @ your stretched out hand and prayer....

  3. Aww, nice of you N.I.L ...and I just clicked the link too *smiles*

  4. Well done NIL,pls would like to see your picture to know how ‎​you look,lol
    Will try.....

  5. A good friend you are...
    Off I go... :)

  6. just filled was long sha

  7. LOL,ok,the prayer was cool.
    I already filled it but it was juat too long oh.
    I wouldn't miss the topic,it's part of my field.

  8. @ Ginger I filled it after I left here

  9. DONE IT! ...welldone.

  10. @Ginger
    No probs G. I like hard-working gals

    Re: 'stretching my hand....' Yes oh
    Abeg claim am quick quick! LOL
    Hope you are well

    @ dayor
    Thanks dear
    Hope you are well

    Thanks....that your moi-moi sha...
    mmmm..*speechless* LOL

    Thanks my dear
    So you want to see what I look like????
    You sef...Okay, I am a replica of your ideal woman LOL
    Someday, I'll def post my pic
    take care dear

    Thanks sooo much
    Such kind words
    I just want her to deliver a good paper

    @ os
    Thanks sooooo much
    I know you are soo busy so I do appreciate it

    LOL @ 'it was long sha ooo......'
    Dont worry, a big blessing is coming your way. Believe! LOL

    Thanks my dear
    I'm glad you filled it already
    Ginger will be sooo grateful
    PS - your field?? Abeg, tell me more???

    Thanks soo much
    God bless you as you do

    Thanks my dear sistah. I really appreciate that. Time is so precious so whatever time you devoted to filling out the form will be repaid with blessings. Amen

    My dear sister, thank you eh
    Hope all is okay in Lagos now.
    Abeg take am easy oh

    Thanks so much for doing that.
    I'm sure Ginger will be overwhelmed by the support from bloggers. Thanks

  11. It was an interesting survey though..and I shared ur page on facebook (also to help a sister like you said ni oo)..hope you don't mind..

  12. Thanks Dami
    Of course I dont mind
    I'm sure the research will interest you - considering your field
    Thanks for sharing this page
    I'm sure Ginger will be sooooo grateful

  13. was a long one but i've helped our sister out..

  14. what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you...weldone
    i just com pleted the form

  15. Tanks NIL for the opportunity to help ur friend...i'm in the field and know how difficult it is to get such data.....already did my part.....hope she gets a distinction at the end of it all...and i hope the study will go a long way to enlighten us.......cheeers

  16. @stelzz
    Thanks soooo much
    The time you spent on it will be well rewarded

    @Ms. Yellow Sisi
    Thanks so much
    Hope all is well with you

    *rolling on the floor and claiming this prayer*: 'what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you' Amen ohhhhhhh!
    I pray the same for you my sister
    Thanks for completing the form

    Thanks my sistah
    I do hope you are well

    Oh dear re: 'internet's too slow'
    Please have a go later. Hope you are well my dear sister

    @kiki morena
    *Totally agree* re: 'i'm in the field and know how difficult it is to get such data'
    It is not easy at all and the funny thing is that we have a wealth of issues that need thorough research *sigh*
    Thanks for completing the survey
    God bless you

  17. lool - it was long, but made me ask the dreaded question ;)

  18. @Angelbeauty
    I'm really glad it made you ask 'the dreaded question'
    That is a sure sign of good research. Thanks so much

  19. @DOHK
    Thanks a lot
    Hope all is well


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