Saturday, 16 July 2011

Thank you

I opened my emails this morning and was shocked to see an email from GNG to say that I have been awarded the 'Best Parenting Blog' by The Nigerian Blog Awards 2011.

To say I am shocked is an understatement - mainly because I still think my blog is 'not quite there', in terms of consistency, quality and depth. So, I see this award as an encouragement to do better.

A big THANK YOU to all who voted for me. Thank you to other bloggers who motivated me to start blogging, to read their blogs and to even think deeply about the issues they raised in their posts.

I know I have been awarded the 'Best Parenting Blog' but I want you all to know that I am still learning how to be a good parent.
So, do not be surprised if ........................................
(1) You run into me one day and I am screaming at my kids OR
(2) You hear I made a parenting mistake OR
(3) My kids think I am an awful mum OR
(4) My hubby thinks I can do better.

LOL..........................Thanks to you all.


    Well done girlfriend! You deserve it! I love your blog!!!


  2. *dancing* and *singing*

    This little light of hers, She's gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shhiiiiiinnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Congratulations NIL

  3. My NaijaMum!!

    Congratulations, i will never forget how you were the first person to follow/comment on my blog, that's why i call you my Naiajamum.

    Your posts are always informative and fun at the same time, more grease to your elbow (or better yet, more grease to those delicious yummies you make and send them my way please; afterall, na this same London we dey live)


  4. congrats!!!! My vote counted on this one!!!!

  5. Congratulations! It's a well deserved honor

  6. @GBEMI
    A special thank you
    I got your email and I was soooo touched.
    As you celebrate with others, so others will celebrate with you. Amen

  7. Congratulations on your win's certainly well deserved.

  8. @Ms.Buki
    Thanks my sis...and congrats on your wedding
    I sincerely wish you abundant happiness :)

    @Gingerlicious Ginger:
    LOL @ *dancing* and *singing*
    You don dey kolo small small LOL
    Thanks so much dearie
    I really appreciate your lovely words

    @Pretty Lashes
    Awwwwww.......that is soooooo sweet. I am soo touched.
    LOL @ the delicious 'yummies' You sef.....I can see you like nice food LOL
    I am hoping we can all meet up someday
    You know what. I PROMISE to make it happen after the summer holidays. Abeg email me
    Thanks so much

    @ Sisi Yemmie
    Congrats on your award also
    I hope all is well with you?
    Thanks my dear

    I just went over to your blog and your twins are adorable xoxoxo
    Thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated

    Thanks so much my sistah
    Hope you are well

  9. @pretty lashes..she was the first on my blog too..

    she's really a great mom.
    congrats NIL

  10. @Dami
    *sniff* *sniff*
    You guys really want to make me cry............
    Thanks Dami
    I hope I dont disappoint

  11. Congrats Naija mum. If there was money, I would be running to the UK to come and share it with you. Glad you won

  12. @Ilola
    LOL @'If there was money'....abi oh
    Thanks for that Ilola
    Hope all is well with you

  13. Congratulations! Well deserved! x

  14. Congrats!!! You def deserve it!!!

  15. deserve it!

  16. A HUGE congratulations NIL, you deserve it!! *air hug*

  17. Congratulations, I'm glad you won :D. I'm popping champagne.

  18. @Chichi
    Thanks my dear mom-to-be
    Hope all is well with you and your family

    My dearest Blessing
    How u dey
    I'm so glad to see you here esp as i know you are taking a break
    Means a lot to me.
    Thank you

    Stellar-Stelz...Thank so much
    Hope all is well with you

    *sending bear hug* to meet your *air hug* LOL
    Thanks soooo much.
    I really appreciate that

    Thanks so much BUT
    Could you put the champagne back in the fridge. I think we have to save it for the day we finally meet up. What do you think?
    Thanks again

  19. Congratulations.
    You screaming at your kids, does not make you a bad parent,I have seen some kids drive their mothers nuts.

    this is a well deserved honor

  20. Congratulations to the original Naija mum :D

  21. CONGRATULATIONS @ the list :D

  22. *nowdancing my latest alanta moves,ok nah.*lips pouting*
    I'm really happy for yhu.
    all right everyone,drinks are on me *high 5*


    Your list made me laugh! One certain thing I have learnt in parenting is that WE LEARN EVERYDAY! :)

  24. Congratulations madam! LOL at the disclaimer.

  25. Yay!!
    I got a shout out!!
    You're such an inspiration, in more ways than you can imagine.

    I'm not buying those disclaimers joor! *cheeky grin*

  26. Congratulations on your award, well deserved :)

  27. @Lara
    LOL @'....I have seen some kids drive their mothers nuts'
    MMM............No comment:)))
    Thanks my sistah.

    LOL @ 'the original Naija mum'
    e be like say you like wahala small LOL
    Hope all is well with you??
    Have a blessed weekend

    Thanks my sister
    You and Myne were my first followers and you have been an inspiration to me.
    Thank you my sister

    @ gretel
    LOL @ 'latest alanta moves'
    e be like say you go good to invite come party. Never a dull moment.
    How are you? Hope all is well
    Pls dont forget you owe me a drink whenever we meet up

    Thank so much
    *Nodding* re: '.....have learnt in parenting is that WE LEARN EVERYDAY!'
    True talk...especially considering each child is so different
    Thanks sis

    Thanks so much Myne.
    Like I mentioned earlier, you and Ibhade have been so supportive in my 'blog-journey'
    Thanks again

    Thanks so much my dear sister
    Hope you are well?
    Take care and have a fab week

  28. @H
    Thanks soo much
    Hope you are well?

    Of course you got a shout out. LOL
    You took time out to email me - and I really appreciated that.
    BTW - you are an inspiration to ME and so many. It is not easy to hang on to one's passion when faced with daily challenges.

    Re: disclaimers......i don talk my own oh :))
    Thanks Gbemi

    @Muse Origins
    Thanks so much Adiya.
    Hope all is well with you.
    may you have a blessed and peaceful week

    Thanks so much J
    Hope all is well with you
    My love to the kids

  29. @dayor
    Thank you my dear
    Hope you are well
    Hope you have a blessed week

  30. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Yay Congrats! LOL don't worry, your kids will not say that you'e an awful mum hehehe. Stop denying it, we all know you are good :P

  32. Naijamum you rock jare! You totally deserved that award, you keep it real, offer practical advice and never try to pretend like you are perfect and we love you for it. Many more bloggies to come. Congratulations : )

  33. Congratulations dear... You deserve it... Cheers.

  34. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!You have a great blog!

  35. yaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! congratulations... i'm proud of you and really happy for u :*

  36. Congratulations Naija mum!!!!!!! You've always been there. You truly deserve it

  37. Congrats on winning the award. Even though I follow from a distance and dont always comment, I still think you deserve the award.
    Take care!

  38. @angelsbeauty
    LOL @ your celebration
    I am really touched
    I hope all is going well with your 'preparations'
    Thanks dearie

    Thanks my sister
    LOL @' Stop denying it'
    Okay have been warned oh
    Thanks dear

    @Mimi B
    Thanks sooooo much
    I hope my experiences help others
    Life ni easy sha LOL
    Thanks my dear

    @ Berry
    Thanks Fiesty
    You also deserve yours
    Your 'Ode to smelly armpits' was a classic :))
    Thanks dear

    @Vickilicious Vickii
    Thanks sooo much
    Hope all is well with you

    Thanks dear
    Hope all is well with you
    Loved your last Tiv post

    How far?
    Thank you my sister
    I hope to always be there oh
    To be woman for this world no easy....we suppose support each other
    Thanks also for all your inspirational messages.
    PS - You were my choice ;)

    @Gospel Girl
    Thanks my sister
    Please comment once in a while
    I love to hear various points of view + that's how I get to know which blogs I dont have on my blogroll.
    Let me double-check to see you are on my roll
    Tanx sis

  39. Congratulations, just went through your blog and you definitely deserve it ma'am! More grease to your elbow, now that I have found your blog I definitely intend to come back ♥♥♥

  40. Congrats N.I.L. You do a good job with every post and even when you comment you always post on a positive message. You inspire me.

    I love your disclaimer.

  41. wohoo!!!! amazers!!!! ok i know i'm a bit late with my congratulations, but i've mia from blogsville.
    So pleased for you... well done. You know i strongly feel you won beacuse you're honest about your experiences and not condescending or presumptuous about your role as a mother - this blog is not just great for those seeking comfort and encouragement as parents but for people in general, albeit on issues to do with relationships, and being a good person. So pleased for you... looking forward to more conversation starters and thought provoking posts. xx

  42. @Nollywood REinvented
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments
    I hope to see you back again

    PS - I've been on your blog also. Well done on your coverage of Naija films. I'm hoping your recommendations will get me excited about Naija films again.

    Thanks my dear sistah
    Re: 'You inspire me'...............I am so honored. I hope we call learn from each other. Thanks again

    LOL '....condescending or presumptuous about your role as a mother' I try my best oh.
    I hope we can continue to discuss more in future - and learn from each other.

  43. Err... so when is the party? Please send my invite ASAP.


  44. Yes mommmy!!! you deserve it!!!
    my vote also counted
    keep the flag flying....

    you know what i admire about you???the way you painstakingly and consistently reply to each and every one's keeps me coming back :):):)

    ***hugs and kisses***

  45. @PET:
    LOL @'party'
    Your wahala sef. You dey find 'ofe' LOL
    Okay, I will send you the aso-ebi so you can buy yours
    Thanks dear

    Thanks soooo much
    Chai @'......the way you painstakingly and consistently reply to each and every one's comments'
    This girl, you don put me for heavy in...everytime I feel lazy, I will now remember your comment and reply everyone diligently LOL
    Thanks sooo much

  46. congratulations NIL .. i saw 49 comments and thought.. mine won't matter,. but thought I should anyway :-)
    look forward to more posts from you.

  47. @Olu Simeon
    *puzzled look* @'mine wont matter'
    How could you say that
    You wan make Edo woman vex???
    Abeg, please, ejo, matters to me oh. LOL
    Welcome back and thank you

  48. Congrats Naijamum in London.

    P.S: Thank God, my vote counted! :)

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