Saturday, 2 July 2011

Celebrating Love

I just read the lovely Sting's blog and I was reminded of a video I watched recently.

It was a song titled 'Be Your Man' by a Nigerian artiste called Dipo.

This song is one of my favourites right now.

With all the bad news we hear about love and relationships, things like this remind us that love can be sooooo beautiful. Please view and enjoy:

Have a blessed and relaxing weekend


  1. I wish yhu a lovely and inspiring weekend,beautiful piece and even after everything I agree thhat love is beautiful thing,it doesn't end in BF and GF or hussy and wifey,it goes beyond all that,yhu just have to wwork it out.

  2. Thanks so much Gretel
    Like you said, it takes work
    Have a fab weekend

  3. aww nice balance...cause man this world can make a person go crazy...but you have to have faith and hope for a better tomorrow and be grateful what it is you have.

  4. Some old school something.Very cute :)

  5. @Chizzy D
    Yes re 'nice balance'
    As you said, we have to retain hope...or life will be senseless
    have a fab weekend sweetheart

    @9ja Foodie
    Yes 'old school'
    I'm feeling it oh
    Have a nice weekend and make sure you take care of yourself

  6. its one of my favourite songs!!!!

  7. Am into this song to.... hahaha it is so loved up alie (thot I was the only in love with it, i think it will be played on d DAY LOL)...

    New breath of fresh song compared to the club scenes ones too...

  8. I love it! Simple, but very classy.

  9. Nice song.

    OK o, mushy mushy love man. Anything I want? You sure?

  10. I know right?!!! I heard that song a while ago and I loved it at first hearing! It is like a fairy-tale song....

  11. Yea this song is cute! :)...thanks for the reminder!

  12. thanks for sharing :) I love love oh..:)

  13. not bad at all. Love rocks when its with the right person

  14. I love this track. There's another guy with a similar sound on the current Naija scene. Can't remember his name now. He's good too. It's nice to celebrate love, certainly. The tune that best does that for time is "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. Hmmmm...hmmm....hmmm. Hope you're having a nice weekend...well it's almost over now! Lol.

  15. Oladipupo's voice rocks (if not his looks - stone me). Reminds me of Seal. And the track is really nostalgic. Bless you dear and have a great week!

  16. hehehe i love the song, never actually seen the video before, thanks for sharing! x

  17. Oladipupo has skills mehn!!!
    I'm loving the lyrics, the old school feel of the song and the "love-play" in the video...
    *sigh* I love love......

  18. Sorry, could not watch it....thank you for your kind words always sister..greetings to your family..xoxo

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. It is a lovely song. I hope, one day, I meet someone I would sing this song to and they would really appreciate it.

  21. Honestly! We need this reminder

    PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  22. seen this video before, still love it!

  23. Thanks for this we could use all the positive stuff in Naija today

  24. Burriful, just burriful! ;)

  25. Beautiful love song I'd say! I enjoyed the video!

    Stay blessed!

  26. @Sisi Yemmie
    Glad you like it
    Shows you have good taste :)))

    @Daughter of Her King
    LOL @'.... i think it will be played on d DAY'
    I pray 'that day' is the beginning of a wonderful marriage xoxoxoxo

    Yes oh re: '....very classy'
    Timeless too

    LOL @'mushy mushy love man'
    Good question 'Anything I want? You sure?' LOL
    You are a hard woman :)))

    *nodding* re: 'It is like a fairy-tale song....'
    Fairy tale is possible oh

    No problems re: 'thanks for the reminder!'
    Glad you love it

    LOL @ 'I love love oh..'
    Yes oh

    Totally agree re: 'Love rocks when its with the right person'
    Yes oh my sistah

    @Adura Ojo
    Please when you remember the other guy you mentioned, please let me know.
    Ohhhh *sigh* re: 'Al Green'
    His voice is soooooo mmph!
    Thanks sistah. Hope all is well

    LOL re: 'if not his looks - stone me'
    Big stone coming your way LOL

    Glad you love it
    Hope all is well with you

    @ MsJB
    Totally agree.

    Agree re: 'I love love'
    No be only you my sister *sigh*

    Couldnt watch it? Wonder why
    Hope all is well with you and yours

    Awwwwwwww re: 'I hope, one day, I meet someone I would sing this song to and they would really appreciate it'
    My brother if you remain you, you will surely attract the best xoxoxo

    @Muse Origins
    Agree. Hope all is well

    Glad you like it
    I thought it was only 'gbam gbam bish bish' music you youngsters liked nowadays LOL
    Hope all well with you

    My broda I totally agree re: 'we could use all the positive stuff in Naija today'
    No be small ting
    My ear don tire for bad news

    Glad you liked it dearie
    Hope all is well with you

    Glad you liked it
    Stay blessed dearie

  27. I love this video too. love is indeed beautiful!

  28. that is such lovely tune...
    i shared it on Facebook.
    these days all you hear is songs are just blatantly about sex
    i don't hear a lot of song trying to woo a woman
    these tunes make u feel good lol

  29. @stelzz
    Glad you like it
    Yes oh .... 'love is indeed beautiful'...True love though *smile*
    Thanks sis

    *Nodding* re:'these days all you hear is songs are just blatantly about sex
    i don't hear a lot of song trying to woo a woman
    these tunes make u feel good lol'
    *applauding and jumping*
    My dear sister, you have captured exactly what I liked about this song.
    I am so sick of songs telling me what they want to do to my body. *hisssssssss*

    Glad you liked it
    Hope all is well with you

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