Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mama Peace vs Papa Peace (Part 2)

I wrote the first part of this poem - the wife's side - sometime ago. Read here.
This second part is a response from the man...................................................

I no blame you
See your mouth like mumu.
You no know how I be
Before you agree marry me?
Abegi, I happy to go ! 

My belle dey sweet
Because your wahala be like meat;
Wey don spoil sotay....
People dey smell am from far far away.
Abegi, I happy to go !

You sabi sleep church
But your tafia tooo much.
You even be church leader
But your ashewo no get meter.
Abegi, I happy to go !

Yes, I carry your sister
But you follow my brother.
Yes, I follow Dora
But you kele Pastor.
Abegi, I happy to go !

I even thank God
Say na only Peace be my blood.
The other four go surely go prison
So wetin be my own ?
Yeye woman, I don dey go !

mumu = fool
Abegi = Please (sarcastically)
belle = tummy
wahala = trouble
sotay = so much, so badly
tafia = being nosy, gossiping
ashewo = prostitute
kele = to sleep/ have sex with
wetin = what
yeye = useless

English Version:
I really cannot stand you
With your mouth like a shrew.
You knew what I was
Before you latched onto me with your claws.
Puhleasse..I am glad to go ! 

My mood has now turned sweet
Because your attitude stinks like meat
That has become so putrid
Its smell travels far far afield.
Puhleasse..I am glad to go ! 

You are always the last to leave church
Yet you gossip so much.
In church you are a cornerstone
Yet your promiscuity is well known.
Puhleasse..I am glad to go !

Yes, I slept with your sister
But you ravished my brother.
Yes, I cheated with Dora
But you seduced the Pastor.
Puhleasse..I am glad to go !

I even thank God
That only Peace is truly my  blood.
The other four are surely prison-bound
So why should I hang around? 
Puhleasse..I am glad to go !


  1. Ha ha ha! Im FIRST on this one!!!I can't stop laughing! I loooove this poem...he really happy to go!

  2. "You even be church leader
    But your ashewo no get meter" that killed me- LMAO. Good one NIL!

  3. Lololololol! Papa Peace don finish mama Peace! Hahahahahahaha!!! Good for him. Yeye woman! Lol!
    Love it!

  4. "...ashewo no get meter", "carry your sister", "follow my brother"...

    Na wah o... Papa and Mama War.

  5. lmao... I love how you take out time to translate and what not... YOU ROCK

  6. Lmao, hahahaha, I love this papa peace response
    Yes I follow Dora but you Kele pastor, lol
    this is really good

  7. Bwuahahahaha @ "But your Ashewo no get meter"
    As in Papa Peace kuku finish Mama Peace.

  8. LOL. Papa Peace should get a life jare. Where is his pride?

  9. LOL! Papa Peace is HELLA funny!

  10. Na wa for this couple sha. Both of them so fit each other. Funny hypocrites

  11. Chei! Papa Peace gave Mama Peace a piece of his mouth.

    I don learn one line "Your wahala be like meat wey don spoil sotay" :)

  12. very hilarious poem. Nice. i love the play of pidgin english.

  13. @Sisi Yemmie
    How are you?
    Glad you liked it.....Yes oh, the man happy to go! LOL
    Have a great week

    @ 9jaFOODie
    LOL @' that killed me....'
    I hope you are up again :))
    Thanks my sister
    I wish you a blessed week

    Glad you liked it
    Birds of the same feather etc abi?
    have a good week

    LOL @ your references
    Pidgin can be soooo funny
    Na REAL wah my sista
    Marriage no be peanuts oh
    Have a blessed week ahead

    @Nollywood REinvented
    Thanks sooo much for the kind words
    I really want as many peeps as poss to understand what i write/ learn some new terms
    Thanks again...and I wish you a blessed week ahead

  14. @Coy~Introvert
    Abi oh re ' I love this papa peace response'
    In most cases I have come across - of seriously dysfunctional relationships - both parties share the blame.
    Have a blessed, blessed week

    @Muse Origins
    LOL @'That house go catch fire oh'
    Yes oh.
    In short, water don pass garri for this matter. LOL
    Have a blessed week

    LOL re:'Papa Peace kuku finish Mama Peace'
    Dem all be the same my sistah
    Tif marry liar .....all be the same. LOL
    Have a great week my sister

    @Adura Ojo
    LOL @' Where is his pride'
    I dont think men like these have any......LOL
    The woman is not much better sha
    Have a blessed weekend my sistah!

    @Pretty Lashes
    Yes oh 'Papa Peace is HELLA funny'......and shameless too!
    Hope all is well
    Have a blessed week my dear!!

  15. @ilola
    LOL @'Both of them so fit each other'
    True dat
    They really suit each other abi?
    Have a lovely, blessed week ahead

    LOL @ 'I don learn one line ..........'
    I pity the person wey u wan use am yab. LOL
    Hope all is well
    Have a blessed week

    Thanks so much re:' i love the play of pidgin english'
    Glad you liked it
    Hope you have a blessed week ahead

  16. LOL.....I guess they deserve each other.

  17. you got me LOL! Even pastor? Their wahala too much abeg!
    Where are they going? Please they are perfect for each other :D

  18. LWKMF@"You even be church leader
    But your ashewo no get meter!!!!"Hahahaha!!!!

  19. That was some effort to write a poem in pidgin! This is a first for me to read. Have you considered writing a collection of poems in pidgin English? I'm sure there could be some market for it.

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Naijamum you crack me up big time!

    The two of thyem are yeye people jo, they fit each other

  21. This one na correct Equalizer! But Mama Peace na im win hands down....haba na she born 4 pikin by other man for her husband..

  22. hahahahhahahaha
    I needed this laugh.......

  23. ha ha!
    They are doing "do-me-i-do-you-God-no-go-vex"
    they obviously fit, and perfectly too!

  24. LOL - the woman must have been speechless afterwards.

  25. see o, every story has two sides. mama peace don talk her own, papa peace don talk 'im own. 'e dey happy to hope I got the pidgin o.

    'You no know how I be
    Before you agree marry me?
    Abegi, I happy to go ! '

    This line just emphasizes what is wrong in a lot of marriages today. The girl usually is blinded by 'love' and refuses to see what is wrong with the man's character. In the end the girl is the one ridiculed. Not only that, mama peace in the name of probably getting back at her husband has committed her own atrocities too...or she also had some bad qualities that made them both a match for each other.

    Abeg make them carry

    nice one

  26. lol! ever thought of making a comedy /movie out of this?

  27. This is so funny, fire on the

  28. LOL..ewo..this one is serious washing of dirty pants in public with highly concentrated bleach..

  29. oh boyyy,papa Peace reply is so harsh hahahahaha,you dey follow my brother,their secrets are not secrts oh,very nice lines.

  30. Not fair, not fair how come you didn't do an English version like the woman one last time?
    I didnt understand bits of that...despite the glossary I found it hard to follow some parts but I got the general impression of the

  31. Perfectly matched couple :)

  32. @Madame Sting
    Glad you liked it
    Hope all is well with you?

    LOL @'Even pastor?'
    Some things dey happen oh! :)))
    Thanks for dropping by
    Hope all is well with you?

    Glad you liked it
    Have a fab week

    Re 'That was some effort to write a poem in pidgin!'
    To be honest, I find this easier than proper English
    Re: ' a collection of poems in pidgin English'
    mmm...I really havent.
    Thanks for that suggestion.
    Have a great week

  33. @Mimi B
    Glad you liked it
    Agree re: 'The two of them are yeye people jo'
    Many couples dey like that my sistah

    LOL @'This one na correct Equalizer!'
    LOL @' But Mama Peace na im win hands down' I gree my sistah.
    The woman na small winch sha LOL

    *smile* re: 'I needed this laugh'
    Are you okay?
    Please stay blessed my sister

    @Ema Leecious
    Gbam re: 'do-me-i-do-you-God-no-go-vex"
    You just remind me of that saying.
    I must add am to my Pidgin sayings page. Thank you.
    Yes oh. na tit-for-tat............but somebody must suffer abi.
    Thanks my sistah

    LOL re:'the woman must have been speechless afterwards' With the kind of woman we are dealing with, I really doubt it.

    @ stelzz
    LOL @ ' mama peace don talk her own, papa peace don talk 'im own'
    You don talk am finish
    Re: your pidgin............Just fine. I really dont think there are many rules regarding Pidgin. Abi past tense and present tense dey Pidgin? LOL You did great.

  34. @nutritionalert
    LOL @'ever thought of making a comedy /movie out of this'
    Moi? No, mys sister.
    However, if there ever was a movie with this storyline, I can visualise John Okafor as the husband. LOL

    @Myne Whitman
    Yes oh re: 'fire on the mountain'
    run, run, run
    Hope all is well with you

    LOLLL @'serious washing of dirty pants in public with highly concentrated bleach'
    You no go kill person. Tooo funny !
    Hope all is well with you?

    Papa Peace harsh? LOL
    The two of them no be better people LOL
    I'm glad you liked it

    *deep sigh*
    You don come again.
    OKAY.......................Just because of you, I have translated the poem. LOL
    Thanks for dropping by. I hope all is well with you?
    have a blessed week

    Totally agree re: 'Perfectly matched couple'
    Thanks my sistah
    Hope all is well with you and yours

  35. WOW!!! Amazing, love, love, love it...

  36. LOL!! They really fit each other!

  37. lol....this is really funny, choi! mama peace don hear am o...meLikey!

  38. Aaaaw you're so sweet, thank you, E se o! lol
    Enjoyed reading that....and I have also picked up a bit of pidgeon English in the process. lol

  39. laughing so hard! esp @ ashewo no get meter!.. hahahahhaaa....oh! 9jamum! you never cease to amaze me! love this poem! [c am understanding it little by little}....wives nah dey sleep for church sef!..dey kele pastor???..the man mouth sef! weldone sis.,....have a happy weekend.

  40. *adds "kele" and "tafia" to pidgin vocabulary*

    My goodness! Was that funny or what?! LOL! Especially the "ashewo no get meter" part! The English version answers any questions I had from reading the pidgin one, but I prefer the pidgin one pass! :-)

  41. Hi Naijamum, thanks for dropping your comment on my recent post, 'carry the song, carry the sound'. I have replied your comment on my blog, and I would love for you to read it. Thanks

  42. @Mounah
    Thanks soo much
    Glad you like it

    Yes oh
    Birds of a feather LOL
    Thanks for dropping by
    I'm cruising over to your blog

    I'm glad you liked it
    Hope all is well with you?
    Take care dearie

    @Gospel Girl
    Mmm......You owe me oh! LOL
    No problems.
    I was being lazy - by not translating - and you shook things up. Thanks

  43. @Ibhade
    Seee don dey like poems small small.
    The next challenge will be for you to write one. To be honest, your post about 'walking' was like a poem
    How you dey sha?

    Wecome back dearie.
    Long time, no hear.
    Are you sure you are not getting withdrawal symptons from non-blogging? :))
    Good to see you back

    @The Relentless Builder
    LOL @ "kele" and "tafia" to pidgin vocabulary*

    I'm glad the English version was helpful.
    I really should always remember not everyone understands Pidgin
    Thanks for dropping by

    No problems. I have read the reply. Much appreciated.
    I have also left another reply - as proof that I've been back
    I guess we will have to agree to disagree :)))
    Thanks again for coming back to let me know.
    Do have a good week

  44. So, I've been reading your blogposts, but mostly offline, hence no comments from me. This sure cracked me up lol!


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